This may be totally awful…

I returned to my old workplace temporarily in May. I’m still working there. There is a person who works there and she is as sweet as can be, but every time she rings back to me, I find myself involuntarily rolling my eyes.

It has to be the tone of voice she uses when she speaks to coworkers. She always sounds so apologetic when she has to call you, even though that is her job – to route the office calls.

Not only is she always apologetic, but she also has to do a 1-2 minute introduction and explain why she is calling you instead of someone else. Or, if she is calling to ask a question, she has to explain why she is asking the question instead of just asking it. I don’t need a back story for everything.

So I give her an eye roll almost every time, but I don’t mean to. She is a nice person – I just wish she would just give me the call/question and let us both move on.