Snarky oeuvres d’art

1/15/09: Birthday card for my husband’s 31st

31st Birday Card for M.

1/24/09: Birthday card for nephew’s 15th

15th birthday

4/6/09: Far Apart

Far Apart Far Apart: inside

4/20/09: Gesso Resist

Gesso Resist Memory Gesso Resist Dragonfly

5/10/09: Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Bucket Bucket Contents Bucket Detail Mother's Day Card #1 Mother's Day Card #2

5/17/09: Summer dresses for nieces (made from pillowcases). Idea from A Room Somewhere & Pink Paper Peppermints

Pillowcase dresses Pillowcase dress #1 closeup Pillowcase dress #2 closeup

5/31/09: Summer goodies bag made out of a beach towel w/matching pillow (Birthday gift for a friend)

Summer goodies bag Contents of summer goodie bag

5/31/09: Birthday card for a friend turning 30

30th Birthday Card

6/2/09: Skirt from Burda pattern 7906


6/4/09: Jumper from Burda pattern 7822

Jumper Bodice Detail

6/19/09: Simple Father’s Day card

Father's Day Card

6/19/09: 1st reconstruction project (idea from current issue of ReadyMade magazine). Two t-shirts and a tank to a dress. Didn’t turn out exactly how I’d like it to look, but it was a pretty quick project. Would probably start with 2 t’s in a size smaller next time. Lilac t-shirt is not pictured because I started cutting before snapping one, but it was just like the brown.

Tshirt reconstruction

6/28/09: Rompers are all the rage! I found a good tutorial from a fellow member and decided to try one out for myself. This one was just a test run from some cheap fabirc I had laying around. I would need to do some reinforcement of seams for it to be actually wearable, but here is it is!

Test-run Romper Fabric close-up

7/6 to 7/20: Frame-ups & Special Effects class at

Lesson 1 - PGN Frames & Word Art Lesson 2 - Brushes Project 3 - Vintage Hand Tinting Day 4 - clipping mask Day 5 - adding textures Day 6 challenge - TTV Day 8 - Type Edge Burn Luigi Project 10 start to finish Selective Color Storyboard 9 photo grid Final Project

8/3 to ?: Brush Abilities at

Day 1 - Image Stamp & Offset Day 2 - Journaling and Chalking Playing with techniques - Luigi


1 Comment

  1. phairhead said,

    April 28, 2009 at 3:47 pm

    wow yr stuff is nice. i like to make cards too. and by make i mean sticking Joleen’s Boutique stickers on blank white cards. tell me does lack of depth persception hinder the scissor cutting process?

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