It’s a milestone day!

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions – they just give me something to aspire to failing at. However, since I have been laid off since last October, I decided to focus on me a bit. This entire topic is not something I would typically write about. I like to focus on other people and how they are affecting me, not about me, and just me. But this is all about me!

Weight has always been a struggle for me, like many people. I lost a significant amount of weight around my sophomore or junior year of high school and looked pretty good for my senior year and my wedding. After getting married, I steadily gained weight with very little success at losing any. I have also had problems with depression overĀ  the years, and of course, weight issues and depression can go hand in hand. About a year ago I got the depression under control with a daily low dose of Fluoxetine (generic Prozac). I felt pretty good about myself after that, despite being overweight. Heck, why not? I had a wonderful husband who loved me for who I was, a great family, and good friends.

About two or three weeks ago, I decided since I have plenty of time with no job, I would start trying to focus on myself, including weight loss, good nutrition, and feeling even better about myself. I started with buying My Weight Loss Coach for the Nintendo DS. This “game” comes with a pedometer and focuses on keeping you motivated towards moving around and eating better with daily objectives and challenges. I combined this with Wii Fit (which we already owned). It was good for a start since motivation has always been a big draw back for me. I started to lose some weight, but needed more of a focus once I got the motivation under thumb.

I knew I needed more intensive exercise and a more focused nutrition plan. I don’t do gyms and working out in front of other people, so I picked up My Fitness Coach for the Nintendo Wii. This “game” is great! You begin by doing a fitness test so Maya, your Wii personal trainer, can help you find a fitness goal and then she customizes workouts based on your goals. I just completed my first physcial challenge which measures progress (or lack of) after completing about 10 workouts with Maya. I showed progress in all areas – weight and inches lost and more strength and endurance. Exciting!

To focus on my nutrition, I borrowed a book from my in-laws. The book, The Diet Docs’ Guide to Permanent Weight Loss: Secrets to Metabolic Transformation, was written by a local doctor and a personal trainer. The information was easy and entertaining to read and made sense. The best thing about the book for me was that it isn’t just a doctor telling you what you need to do – this doctor actually wrote the book because it is a program he followed to lose weight and maintain his health. I am starting my second week of the nutrition plan today and have had a pretty steady weight loss over the past week.

Today marks my first 10 pound loss since I started focusing on myself! I give myself a warm snarky!!

As a little added bonus, I had a really good interview last week for a job I’m excited about. The position would be with a private agency that handles therapeutic foster care homes. The position I interviewed for is foster parent coordinator and I would recruit and license foster homes, among many other duties. The office is very small, which I like, and I enjoyed all the people currently working in the office. They are conducting the final interviews this week, so I am hoping to hear I got the job next week. We will see…


Happy Birthday Miss Rae!

I hope you have a great day. Love you!

Warm Snarky

Happy Birthday to M!

It’s my husband’s 31st birthday today. Unfortunately, he has been struck with a severe stomach virus and has been in bed (or the bathroom) since yesterday morning. No way to celebrate. I am home to take care of him, but there is not much I can do other than make sure he has plenty of fluids and is comfortable – as comfortable as possible anyway.

M., I love you lots and lots, and even more than that! Get well soon so I can make you a special birthday meal!


Warm Snarky

In a holiday mood *Gasp!* and other randomness

I am just in a holding pattern right now waiting for Christmas. In the past several years I have not been much for holidays, but this year I started getting excited about a week or so ago. It surprises me that I am unemployed this year and we just lost our beloved Clyde on the 5th and I can now be in a holiday mood when that mood has eluded me for so long.

I think my whole Christmas spirit feeling started at Petsmart. I found the cutest Christmas mittens with kitties on them. Of course, the two designs they had were a black cat and an orange one. Just perfect. That afternoon when I got home I decided to get the Christmas decorations out, even though I had previously vowed no tree or decorations this year. How festive would it have been with just a couple of cat mittens hanging on the wall? So I decorated and put up two trees!

I had a lot of fun this year making budget-friendly gifts for my family. I started writing a post about the gifts I made, but I can’t post it until after Christmas since I know some of the recipients read this blog. I have some cards to finish up today and am awaiting my box from my parents. Presents! What I will really miss is watching my family open the gifts from me. That is really my favorite part of any celebration with presents – watching someone open something I bought or made and seeing their reaction (as well as the reaction of those around them, especially if I made the gift). I like ego-boosters.

I just watched last week’s episode of Top Chef and found the way all the competing chefs pitched in to help two who had their proteins spoil overnight very Christmasy. How sweet that Tom decided, in the spirit of the holiday, no one would go home. (Even though out of the three bottom chefs, I would have preferred to have seen Melissa go, but not sure that would have happened had they sent someone home…) Oh! That reminds me, I need to see if the library has a copy of the book Martha Stewart gave to the quick fire challenge winner. I am always on the outlook for a cookbook that does not have a bunch of fancy shmancy recipes and ingredients.

The roads here are icy and we have advisories and road closings all over the place. Back in North Dakota, sure we’d have a warning, but people know how to be cautious and drive in this weather since they get it every year. Here, not so much. I like to stay in on days like this because I fear the other people on the road more than the weather conditions. I am so glad I got all my errands done yesterday even though it meant spending almost 2 hours in the Wal-Mart, of which about 30 was just standing in line. I hate the Wal-Mart so why does it call to me when I have big amounts of shopping to do?

I am also considering going back to school. I would love to have an art degree with an emphasis on graphic design. I’ve been bolstered by the fact that everyone I’ve told about this so far has been very supportive. “That’d be perfect for you!” they tell me. Why couldn’t I have known myself as well as these people know me 6 years ago when I was making my way through my first degree? A bachelor’s in psychology. Blah! What am I going to do with that, is what I should have been thinking. Instead, I was thinking I would remain in school for copious amounts of time and eventually wind up a psychiatrist. Yeah, a snarky psychiatrist with social phobias – just what the world needs! It didn’t happen and now I am trying to re-evaluate what I want to do with myself.

Well, off to the library’s online catalog to see if they have the cookbook I want. Won’t be getting out today to get it, though. In case I don’t post again until after Christmas:

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Warm Snarkies to All!!


Monday Morning

Hello everyone. It’s a cool Monday morning here! Even though I am currently unemployed, I am still getting up early. My boys would not allow me to sleep in, plus, I am just wired to wake up before 7am. Even on the weekends. (I imagine this particular trait will come in handy when I reenter the working world.) So, I’ve been up for a bit this morning and have been perusing the internet which is part of my daily routine.

Christmas is coming – something I am acutely aware of each year since I have to ship my family’s gifts. Christmas this year requires even more planning since I have to budget myself a bit more carefully due to limited funds. So this morning I made a list of everyone I plan to give gifts to, what I plan to give, and a shopping list. Now I have to do the actual shopping. Definitely not my favorite part!

Thinking of Christmas brings up one of my pet peeves: opening that terrible packaging most electronics and other assorted items come in. You know the type I’m talking about. The clear plastic that is sealed around the edges. The kind of packaging that requires heavy duty equipment to break into. But behold! This year many companies are trying to make packaging more consumer-friendly!

I didn’t know it until reading a New York Times online article that there is actually a term for this pet peeve: wrap rage. I think I would be hard up to find someone who has not experienced wrap rage. I know I will be looking for these new packages that will reduce wrap rage! Treat yourself to a little good news and read more about this here.

Also for your Monday morning enjoyment (unless you have a fear of puppets) is this amusing animated short about a hand puppet gone wild. If you’re at work, no need to worry about missing out on sound – the short is set to music, but you can enjoy this animation without it.

And, if you are interested in following blogs like I am, enjoy my favorite new blog: White on Rice Couple. I am sure there are other couple blogs out there, but this is the first I’ve come across. I think it’s a great idea – a couple blogging together. This particular couple are food writers and travelers and share their recipes and experiences with the internet world. I’ve also added them to my sidebar blogroll.

I know that a lot of my real-life readers (people I know in person) are having a hard go of it right now. I wish you all warm snarkies this cold Monday morning!

Warm Snarky

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