Am I Who I Am?

Are we who we say we are? Are we who we need to be? Or are we just a product of our society?Me

All about Snarky Me…
In the year 2009 I turned 30.  (And I probably won’t update this page frequently, so at the time you are here reading this I may be 30+ years old…)

I was born and raised in North Dakota just outside a city about 3 hours south of the Canadian border. I have a sister who is about 2 years younger than me and a brother about 3 years younger. My sister is a lovely overachiever and an attorney. My brother is a shy guy with serious computer and handyman skills.

My family only moved once while I was growing up – just down the road from the first house my dad built for us to the second house he built for us. I attended a small school and graduated in a class of about 42 students. Most of the people I graduated with were the same people I started kindergarten with and we knew each other well. Now, I mainly stay in touch with people from high school through online communities like FaceBook.

I was a little rebellious during my teen years. I dated a guy my parents hated (and they turned out to be right, of course), I was caught shoplifting, and I lied – I lied a lot. I lied about important things, I lied about stupid things. Fortunately, that got all the lying out of my system and I am now a very honest and candid person. My mouth still gets me into trouble, but that’s because I sometimes don’t censor myself the way I should, but not because I’m lying.

I met my husband, referred to as M. on the blog, during my first year of college. We met online. I don’t want to retype the whole story, so you can go to this post to read all about it. We ended up moving to his home state and near his home town in the midwest after we got married and here we have been ever since. We also share our lives with Luigi and Clover.

What I like (no particular order)…
Reading! Books have always been a passion of mine. I cannot walk into a bookstore without buying a book (or at least it is very hard for me to walk out with a book…) I had to get a library card because I don’t have room on my bookshelves for any more books!

I like to think of myself as creative and artsy (I need a beret). I enjoy all sorts of art and have dabbled in many – painting, drawing, digital, scrapbooking, cardmaking, sewing. Luckily, when M. and I had a house built in 2005 we chose a three bedroom model and now each have our own room where we can indulge in our hobbies – mine are sundry and assorted; M. is more straightforward with his computers and board games.

Television. M. and I watch too much TV, but enjoy every minute of it. DVR has made our lives easier! I am sure I will miss some, but here are shows I watch (M. watches a majority, but not all of these): Dexter, King of the Hill, Raising the Bar, Heroes, The Office, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Top Chef, Prison Break, How I Met Your Mother, The New Adventures of Old Christine, Two and a Half Men, Samantha Who, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Fringe, Survivor,  Gray’s Anatomy, Big Bang Theory, House, Smallville, Lost, Castle, Kings, The Tudors, Californication, United States of Tara, Dollhouse, Family Guy. Wow! Once I type it all out, it’s even more than I realized!

Music. Radiohead. This has been M.’s favorite band for a long, long time. For me, my Radiohead obsession did not start until M. and I saw them in concert this summer. Right now my iPod contains a lot of Radiohead plus Adele, Buckcherry, Garbage, Grizzly Bear, Into The Wild Soundtrack, Janet Jackson, Sneaker Pimps, The Carpenters, The Cranberries, Tom Petty, U2, Nine Inch Nails, Tracy Bonham, Fiona Apple, Tori Amos, and others.

Cooking! (But not baking!) My mom used to work the late shift at a hospital so I would occasionally cook up some dinner for my family. I enjoyed it. Then when I moved out of my parents house, my kitchen just wasn’t stocked like theirs, plus I was poor, plus there was just me and M. Then as M. and I made a better life for ourselves, I never had the kitchen I really wanted, so my cooking fell to the wayside. When we had a house built in 2005 I got to make sure my kitchen had the features I had been lacking previously – lots of light, counter space, cabinets, a deep sink. Now I enjoy cooking again, especially since finding Pioneer Woman Cooks – she has some fabulous recipes!

I like big and/or unusual words. I like knowing big and/or unusual words, I like using big words. The more obscure, the better. Dictionaries and thesauruses are my friends.

And if you are interested, here are some things on my wish list!
My Wish List

Biggest Snarks (or pet peeves)…
Fake people – especially those who use syrupy comments and giggles to cover up their hideousness.

When people come explain something they want me to do, or email me about it when just doing it themselves would have taken the same amount of time (or less) than explaining to me what they want me to do.

Eyes – eye surgeries, touching eyes, inside out eyelids, eye are yucky!

Politics – my mind just doesn’t work right to wrap around politics and have a rational conversation.

Smoking in my vicinity – I don’t want to go home smelling like your ashtray.

Bras – this had to be the worst waredrobe invention in the history of mankind. And who deemed it prudent to stick wire in the things?! Oh to be a braless hippie in the 60’s…

last updated 6/6/09


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  1. theantipoet said,

    October 13, 2008 at 2:24 am

    i couldn’t find your email, either because i’m too lazy, tired or stupid. however, after reading a bit of your commentary, the smelly hands thing, i realized a) i use way too many commas and b) it’d be great to have you as a guest writer on my blog. etc. you’d be a great fit and i’d be honored since the rest of my 3 person team has contributed all of one post and i could actually go back to studying ridiculous amounts of grad level math, physics, psych and other pointless academic pursuits. email me after you check us out

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