What I won’t miss

Tomorrow is my final day at my temporary job. For those who do not know, I was laid off from my job of 5 years last October and then was called back to help out temporarily in May. Bossman was going to allow me to stay on, but at a measly 15 hours per week. Then I got offered a job working for the state, so I’m all done, again, tomorrow.

There are many things I will miss about this place, especially the people, but in the spirit of a snarky blog, here are some things I will not miss:

  • The perfumy front bathroom. There are two different kinds of air fresheners in there plus a bottle of perfume. Do people just spray this perfume randomly? The air in there is so saturated with scent that you can taste it. And then when the bathroom smells mingle with the perfuminess – watch out! This is the bathroom our clients have access to when they come to the office. Good thing they don’t judge our merit on bathrooms.
  • Spur of the moment, in process, emergency projects from the Bossman. In my previous position with the agency I got a lot of these. Bossman would come into my office and drop projects on me that he needed done right away. Projects that often times had nothing to do with what I was supposed to do at the agency, and at times, had been in process by another employee who had no idea Bossman was now passing the project on to me. Since coming back temporarily, I only received one of these kinds of projects since Bossman mostly resides abroad now. But I won’t miss these one iota!
  • All the throat clearing. There is one person in the office who constantly and loudly clears her throat. What the hell is in there?! I made the mistake of moving to an office right next to hers and I have to cringe each time I hear the throat clearing. I do a lot of cringing now.
  • Loud Russian. We have an office member who is Russian, so she speaks Russian. Which is great for the line of work we do. However, the Russian language is one of those angry-sounding languages and so I hear a lot of angry-sounding, very loud Russian several times throughout a workday.
  • The weird trashy kitchen smells and dishwasher full of only dining utensils. Several coworkers, and myself included, bring in pre-packaged microwaveable meals for lunch. Because these little conveniences are already in a plastic dish, there is no need to get out a plate or bowl but you will need utensils, mostly forks. So the work dishwasher gets full of utensils, the drawer gets empty of utensils, and no one wants to run the dishwasher for just utensils, yet no one wants to hand-wash either. I don’t know if it’s these pre-packaged meals or something else, but we often get a trashy funk in the kitchen too. Then it is a decision of whether to let it linger or take out a mostly empty trashcan. Usually someone is close to dying of trash stink before the decision comes down to taking it out. Yum, right?
  • The building’s inability to be climate controlled.

1 Comment

  1. phairhead said,

    July 8, 2009 at 3:25 pm

    blah on the dirty dishes! good riddance Bossman!

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