5am this morning

I know some people allow their pet cats to wander around outside uninhibited. I have friends who do this, and it is their choice, but I don’t agree with it. I have two beautiful boys and I cannot imagine them out there in the big world wandering around. Too many things can happen to them – a car smooshes them, a wild animal gnaws on them, a wild teen lights their tails on fire… So, my boys stay inside and the only outside they get is our screened-in porch.

This morning at 5am I awoke to Clover making what sounded like licking noises. I thought he was licking the window; perhaps some humidity had condensed on the inside? This is the spittiestcat I have ever had. (side note – why is sluttiest a word and spittiest is not?) He uses his tongue for everything. When he is scared, he sticks his tongue out, when he wants to abuse his brother, he licks his hair into spikes, when he’s angry, the tongue comes out, and when he bathes, he ends up looking like we dunked him under the facet. So this was loud licking noises.

When he kept doing it, I figured I better get up and see what was going on. As I got closer to the window, I c0uld hear another cat snarling and meowing. Clover wasn’t licking the window – he was doing his nervous, anxious, “I hate that cat outside” tongue thing. Why this little cat thinks his tongue is going to be a great defense, I will never know.

Clover had his head behind the curtain and the shade, so I wrapped my hands around his itty waist to pull him out and he went ballistic! Hissing and wriggling and spitting. Luigi was also pacing around on the floor below the window, obviously not in a good mood either. I tried to settle Clover down and then looked out the window where there was a dark colored cat prancing around as if to say, “Ha! I’ve disturbed your precious sleep. It’s only 5am and my day is complete!” Damn cat! I banged on the window and made hissing noises myself. It didn’t get upset, but it did jauntily saunter away. M. woke up enough to ask, “What’s going on?” and then went right back to sleep.

Fortunately, the cat did not come back, but it made me mad enough that I just laid there for awhile thinking about how much I do not like other cats in my yard. It upsets Clover and Luigi and I am afraid of the damage they could cause. We have that screened-in porch in the back and a cat’s claws could easily rip it up. I am also going to put some mulching in the back and dread finding the steaming log of cat poo I know will inevitably end up in there. These are not thoughts I want to be having at 5am.

I did finally fall back to sleep only to be woke up at 6am by a starving Luigi…



  1. Mr. Apron said,

    June 19, 2009 at 6:37 am

    There’s an alleycat named that roams the literal alley that runs behind our house. Yeah. She got knocked up. 6 kittens. The neighbors call her “Mother” but I call her “Sluttiest.”

    • lilseed said,

      June 19, 2009 at 8:24 am

      I can relate. At our old house there was a mama cat who had kittens under our deck every summer. One summer one of them drown in our pool. 😦

  2. phairhead said,

    June 18, 2009 at 10:10 am

    i blame the pet owners! not you of course : )

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