So where have I been?

I plan to start posting a monthly calendar on my blog each month because I know all my readers are just so interested in what I am doing. (ha ha ha) I posted the first calendar for May and here’s an update on where I’ve been in May.

Well, working. Getting back into the swing of things at my old job. I have a temporary position there while a coworker recuperates from back surgery. Seven months is a long time to be out, but it’s all coming back to me and I think I picking up on the new stuff. Just as my stint is ending I should be all caught up on everything! While I don’t really want to work, seeing some of those faces more often is nice and it’s good to be contributing to the household income again.

I attended our library event on plants for our region. M. came along and read the rules for some war game he’s playing while I tried to jot down notes using my lap as a desk. It was okay, but obviously did not inspire me too much since I’ve done absolutely nothing in the way of landscaping in the yard. Still a blank canvas. We have a screened-in porch and I did get that all cleaned up last Friday. It was full of dirt and cat hair.

My friend ended up buying lunch for me for my birthday. Awww. 🙂 I also had my first tv appearance. Our local Fox channel interviewed me for their “Hire Me” week. Each day last week they profiled a different person looking for a job and I aired on Tuesday. I felt disorganized and flustered when the the reporter and cameraman were in my house, but ultimately, I thought the edit job they did was good and it turned out okay. M. found the video online and has saved it for all prosperity. Still no job offers…

I am now 30 years old! I remember when my sister-in-law turned 30 and had a meltdown of sorts. I don’t feel any different than I did about 10 years ago, so really 30 is just another age to me. It means that I am probably going to click the next age bracket up on surveys and that I am a bit closer to midlife, but feeling older? I do not. M. took me to a nice dinner and to the zoo. Awesome times! My birthday was also my first short-term weight loss goal. I missed it by about 1 pound. I blame my birthday.

Since M. took me to an out of town zoo for my birthday, I ended up skipping the book discussion at the library on The Gift of Rain. I keep scheduling myself to attend these discussions and haven’t joined in one yet! The book was just okay. I probably wouldn’t have read it if not for the plan to attend the discussion.

Yesterday I big plans to attend a workshop at the library on writing memoirs and then going to a local school corp job fair. I got the library early to pick up some books on job interviews (I am just terrible at the interview part, but so far really haven’t had to worry about it since I’ve had so few calls for interviews). I went to bed really late Friday night and my internal clock really doesn’t let me sleep past 6am most mornings no matter what time I went to sleep – so I was up early. By the time I found the books I wanted, I was starting to feel really tired. I saw that the flow of people into the meeting room where the memoir workshop was held was mostly white, fuzzy haired people. So I decided to instead get a jump start on the job fair.

First of all, there was no parking anywhere near the door to the building where the job fair was held. So I parked in the middle of nowhere and hiked in my heels and suit. By the time I finally got in I had sweat running down my face and my back. Very attractive. The building’s air conditioning was not turned on, so this condition did not improve. Most people were there for teaching positions and most were interested in elementary schools. The line for elementary was extensive and filled the entire place making it difficult to find anything else. I, of course, was interested in any non-teaching positions and thought myself lucky since those lines appeared to be short. After some searching, I ended up in the line for information technology even though it really isn’t my area. I just wanted to start talking to some people since that was what I was there to do – schmooze for a job. Info Tech guy told me they anticipate having 1-2 positions open in January 2010, so I handed him my resume and started hunting for more non-teaching tables. I found another for after school programs and since I had worked for the after school programs while I was completing my master’s degree, I stopped by there too and handed off a resume, even though I don’t think the pay will make it worth my while if they do call me. The next table was labeled “support services.” I wasn’t totally sure what this meant, but thought it might be what I was looking for. I got in line. Fortunately, some school corp guy was talking to people in line and told me that the “support services” were custodial, bus transportation, and food services. Okay, not what I was looking for. I was hot and beginning to get very frustrated. The flier for this thing said “Hiring for all positions!” Down the side was listed a variety of areas they were looking for people – including administration which was the main area I was interested in. Where was the darn admin table?

There wasn’t one. I heard someone talking to a school corp representative and she said they did not have a table for administrative positions, that people interested should complete an online application and check their job postings on their website. Well, I have been doing that since I was laid off last October. It would have been nice if the flier had said something to the effect, “if you’ve filled out an online app and have been job searching our website, basically, this job fair will be a total waste of your time, especially for those looking for non-teaching positions.” So I hiked back to my car and drove home. The entire morning was a bust.

The rest of the day went better. I made some tasty turkey roll-ups for lunch, took a nap, finished dresses for my nieces (pictures will be posted on my art page), and made crispy chicken tenders from a new recipe and M., the somewhat finicky eater liked them! M. and I also finally got some of our 2 hour show finales knocked out.

Today I finally got to my blog – I’ve missed my blog. And I plan to finish the book I am currently reading, The Forgotten Garden. I also have to write an essay for my library science program application because I am going back to school!



  1. May 18, 2009 at 12:47 pm

    I’m almost 40 now. It can be really depressing not to have a job. You’re lucky to even get a temp job these days, and at 40 that can be downright humiliating.

    Good luck to you.

  2. Storm said,

    May 17, 2009 at 9:28 am

    Yup, Lost was one of them. I thought this season was one of their best. I am excited to see how the final season closes up the show. Can’t wait!

    The other was the Series Finale for Prison Break.

  3. phairhead said,

    May 17, 2009 at 8:35 am

    Was one of those finales Lost? if so, holy crap! can’t wait for 2010. Boyfriend has been firing off theories about next season.

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