Just a thought

I caught the beginning of our local news this evening and saw a story about a local high school. This particular high school had a bomb threat written on a wall and the bomb was supposedly set to go off this afternoon. On Thursday teachers gave an announcement to students that they would need to show up for school on Friday or they would not be allowed to attend the prom on Saturday. This is school policy – if a student misses the day of school preceding a school event they will not be allowed to attend the event.

The school received several angry phone calls and visits from parents today about students having to attend school today to go to prom tomorrow. Despite the bomb threat, student attendance was at 92% today. The school did decide that students who missed today would be allowed to attend prom, however, they would not receive an excused absence nor would they be allowed to make up their work if the reason for their absence was the bomb threat.

All the parents who were interviewed by the news were outraged about the students having to attend school to be able to go to prom, so they let their children go to school. My thought is this: if you are truly scared that a bomb might be set off at your child’s school, wouldn’t it be prudent to keep them home even if they miss the prom?

I know, proms are uber important to the teenage population. I remember being in school. I got invited to three proms and had some issues with two of them (stories to come in a later post). But looking back on those days, I barely remember the proms and cringe at the amount of money that was wasted on them. The issues I had were certainly minor compared to a bomb threat, but I think that if my parents really thought there was a serious bomb threat, they would have opted to keep me home rather than risk my life for a prom – no matter how much I cried, begged, shouted, or complained.

Just my thoughts…



  1. Brother said,

    May 4, 2009 at 10:06 am

    Proms were never important and they also are the suck. I would have been fine with not going.

  2. mom said,

    May 3, 2009 at 11:42 am

    Do you remember when they wouldn’t let the girls leave early to get their hair done (thats when they had the prom on Friday nights). Remember the letter I sent to the school board members? Doesnt seem to important now:)

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