Rachel Getting Married or Thinking About My Sister

I watched the movie Rachel Getting Married recently. I had seen the movie previewed on another movie I watched some time ago and had added it to my list of movies to pick up at the library. It just happened to be on the shelf during on of my frequent library visits. I had no expectations for the movie. About all I knew about it was that Anne Hathaway was in it. When I started watching it, I was pleased to see Rosemarie DeWitt is also in the movie. M. and I just finished watching the first season of United States of Tara and DeWitt does a great job of portraying Tara’s sister in the show.

I ended up really liking this movie. Hathaway is Kym, the younger sister of Rachel (DeWitt). Kym is getting out of rehab just in time to attend Rachel’s wedding. During the course of the couple days leading up to the wedding, Kym and Rachel have several emotional unloads related to their relationship and how Kym’s past behavior and addictions affected their relationship and those of their family.

I could relate to Kym and Rachel in the movie and it made me think about my own sister. My sister is just a couple years younger than I, but I feel like we’ve never been quite as close as I would like us to be. Of course, the fact we live in different states now doesn’t help. When we were growing up, I didn’t have the extreme problems Kym has in the movie, but I could have been classified as my parents’ “problem child” when compared to my sister or brother. When I watched how Kym and Rachel interacted and the thoughts Rachel harbors about Kym and her behavior (at one point Rachel tells her father that she sometimes “doesn’t want” Kym), it made me think about my own sister and what she might have thought about me as we grew up and my behavior, and what she might think of me now.

After finishing the movie, I had to write a letter to my sister. I thought about emailing her, but that seemed too impersonal. I thought about calling her, but I have always hated talking on the phone and it seems hard for me to have a phone conversation without being distanced and somewhat sarcastic. So I decided on a letter and a handmade card to let my sister know that even though we do not share an extremely close relationship, I love her and think about her often. You can check out the card by clicking on Snarky oeuvres d’art above – hers is the “Far Apart” card.


1 Comment

  1. phairhead said,

    April 16, 2009 at 7:25 am

    that movie just arrived from Netflix. wierd, huh?

    hopefully, yr sister will reach back out to you too!

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