Just before the weekend randomness

This has been a somewhat slow week. I’ve spent quite a bit of time at home with my cats and reading. (You can check out my bookbag page – click the link above – to see what I’ve been reading.)

I’ve kept up with my tracking of my food and nutrition as I’m supposed to based on the book I’ve been following (Diet Docs) and have kept up with my workouts with the Wii Fitness Coach. And, guess what? It has continued to pay off. I have now lost over 20 pounds and feel really great.

I’ve applied for jobs, which I have to do per my unemployment benefits, but have received no calls for interviews. Boo! I did drop off an application yesterday for a job I am really, really excited about, but I am going to keep it under my hat for now and off my blog and just keep good thoughts in my mind about it in the hopes I get a call about it soon. They are accepting applications until April 11th for the position, so I might not hear immediately. We’ll see. It will be a different career path for me than anything I really considered previously, but will incorporate one of my favorite hobbies. Okay, ’nuff said on the job front.

M. has been really, really into board games lately. He has a weekly board game night with some of the guys from work and I think that’s where this obsession started. We’ve played some interesting games over the past few weeks including Memoir 44, Lost Cities, Pandemic, and Ticket to Ride. We are currently learning to play a somewhat complicated, but very neat game based on the works of HP Lovecraft’s work: Arkham Horror. I suspect I may spend a good amount of time this weekend with M. on this. 🙂 If you’re into board games, you might want to check out BoardGameGeek.com. Lot’s of stuff there!

I have been thinking about my home state, North Dakota, quite a bit. Practically my entire family and a lot of childhood friends are still back there and the entire state has been declared a disaster area because of blizzards and flooding. Businesses and schools have shut down for periods in the heavily hit areas (like Fargo) to sandbag and ice jams had to be blown up in Bismark. My poor sister posted on FaceBook recently that she had to give up on trying to shovel snow and get out of her driveway. I have all my family and friends back home in my thoughts. Hope you all stay safe and warm!

Well, I am going to have to run. The bug guy is here – about 15 minutes early (this is the only service we have that regularly comes early) – and I will have to monitor my cats who will be freaked out when he comes in to spray. One last thing for my readers who are also fellow bloggers. You might consider checking out AlphaInventions.com. You can find other interesting blogs and also get yours into the rotation to up your viewership.

Have a Warm Snarky Weekend Everyone!


1 Comment

  1. phairhead said,

    March 30, 2009 at 6:06 am

    congrats on the weight loss and good luck on the job hunt

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