But I’m saving the world with my tote!

The day started out okay, I was up at a decent time and the cats were fed before they made too many complaints. M. was up about the same time, his usual, “get up and get ready for work” time. Then he mentioned he had a bit of a headache, but it didn’t seem too bad, so he got in the shower. I went to make some tea and snuggle up with a book (which I finished – accomplishment).

While reading, M. shuffled out of the bedroom to let me know he was getting worse. He has some kind of stomach bug and has been glued to the bed or the toilet all day. Even though he was sick, there was really nothing I could do for him once making sure he had water and enough blankets. So I went back to my book and proceeded with my day as planned. That meant I had to venture out on this cold, cold day (but yes, to appease brother and sister, it was no where near as cold as where they are) to Target to pick up a few things before meeting with someone for lunch.

Last time I went to Target for a light necessities pickup I bought a reusable shopping bag, otherwise known as a canvas tote. We don’t need plastic bags anymore, not since getting the Litter Locker, and I love tote bags, so why not buy one and do something good for the environment? Then while waiting in a super long line because only a couple checkout lanes were open, the friendly jewelry counter cashier called me over and rang my few items up and nicely bagged them in my new enviro-friendly bag.

I keep my reusable bags in my car so they are always on hand when I’m in town. So, as I got out of my snuggly warm car (butt warmers are the best!), I grabbed my Target tote and put my head to the arctic wind to hurry into the store. It didn’t take long to round up the few things I needed and head back up to the front of the store. Once again, only a few checkout lanes were open, but I saw someone else with just a few items checking out at the jewelry counter, and last time I was in, the jewelry counter checkout was such a nice, quick experience. So I got in line behind the person currently checking out.

I quickly advanced to the head of the line and plopped down my 16 pack of toilet paper (the main reason for the Target run – gotta have that stuff on hand!) and started unloading my basket while telling the cashier that I had a reusable shopping bag to bag everything in. She didn’t even say “hi” or “did you find everything today?” She simply started scanning items. Okay, I thought, no big deal, in and out is good.

After ringng up all my items she tried to ring up my reusable shopping back, but I explained that I had already purchased it on a previous trip. She gave me a brief, but blank look and said, “Well, I know we had some back there.” What’s that supposed to mean? Because you have some in stock at this current moment, I couldn’t have purchased it earlier? Whatever. I dubbed her Ms. Snotty Crone cashier.

I handed her my coupons and she went about scanning those while I bagged my items in my previously purchased reusable bag since she did not make a move to bag them or help bag them. It turns out that my coupon for the toilet paper was for a 24 roll or larger pack and my pack was only 16 rolls. The cashier turned around to me and said, “You can’t use this one. You got the wrong item.” Well, it’s toilet paper and it’s the brand I wanted, so no, not really wrong, but no, I couldn’t use the coupon. So I told her I would just hang on to it.

Once I had paid for the items, there was really nothing left for her to do since I had already bagged my own items (which I would have had no problem doing if she’d been a little nicer). I expected a “thank you” or “have a nice day,” but instead, while I am trying to get my wallet back in my purse, she whips out one of those gigantic plastic bags and begins stuffing my 16 pack of toilet paper into it. I had thought my use of a reusable Target tote spoke to people. It told them, “I am environmentally conscious, I am a good person, I don’t want plastic bags – I am saving the earth from their un-biodegradable nastiness.” Apparently Ms. Snotty Crone cashier did not get that message. I told her I didn’t need a bag. She turned to me, my toilet paper half in, half out of the plastic, and said in a slightly bitchy tone, “It will make it easier to carry.” I told her, thank you, but that was okay, I didn’t need a bag. She tore the plastic bag off my toilet paper pack, turned her back to me and said nothing. Well. Fine. I proceeded out of the store and made my way to a nice lunch with a previous coworker.

Ms. Snotty Crone cashier just wasn’t very nice. I understand we all have our bad days, but I didn’t have a lot to ring up and I attempted to be pleasant throughout the transaction. I’m sorry I interrupted Ms. Snotty Crone’s day at work where she is employed to help customers. Once home, I realized that I had one of those “Win a $5,000 gift card” survey codes on my receipt. I do try to fill these out when I get them since it’s a chance at some money, but this time I had more purpose in mind when I went to the website and starting completing the survey. Ms. Snotty Crone got a writeup from me on the Target survey. While it will probably not amount to anything – no mention to the store or to Ms. Snotty, and I probably won’t win the $5,000 gift card, at least I got it out of my system. Now, off to start a new book!


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