It’s Wednesday

And why do I have to wake up to the WordPress spam catcher holding a comment that says, “bite my shiny metal asshole?” Seriously, yes, that’s pretty snarky, but really, I’ve gotten this spam comment about a dozen times. I really don’t want any shiny metal asshole today. Thank you.

Last night M. and I were walking through the halls at a school event and came upon this family of three. The kid, who was about 5 or so, was doing nothing in particular but getting in the way. The mom was trying to handle a couple of boxes and dad had about three boxes – the smallest of which was stacked at the bottom. Obviously, this guy knew nothing about carting around boxes. Anyway, the dad decides to help mom out by taking her boxes and adding them to his own. To do this, they need to take up the entire hall with each parent standing on opposite sides while trying to transfer mom’s boxes onto dad’s already teetering pile. Kiddo just intermittently gets in the way on both sides. M. and I are in somewhat of a hurry, so I politely say, “Excuse me,” and proceed to walk through the middle of this hallway box-transfer mess. As M. and I proceed on our way I hear the dad guy shout out at us, “I said there will be no excuse me!” Well. Whatever, I think and we keep going because they were taking up the whole dang hallway and we had to get through. Then the dad shouts out, “Get a butcher!” Don’t know what that meant. M. and I reach the school guy and there I see a guy I went to high school with and I tell him, “Get a butcher!” He looks at me with a quizzical look and asks me what that means. “I have no idea,” I say, “some guy just yelled it at me in the hall.” Okay, so that never really happened, it was a dream I had last night, but how weird!

1 Comment

  1. maren said,

    January 10, 2009 at 9:03 am

    isn’t the bite my shiny… from bender on futurama?

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