Monday Morning

Hello everyone. It’s a cool Monday morning here! Even though I am currently unemployed, I am still getting up early. My boys would not allow me to sleep in, plus, I am just wired to wake up before 7am. Even on the weekends. (I imagine this particular trait will come in handy when I reenter the working world.) So, I’ve been up for a bit this morning and have been perusing the internet which is part of my daily routine.

Christmas is coming – something I am acutely aware of each year since I have to ship my family’s gifts. Christmas this year requires even more planning since I have to budget myself a bit more carefully due to limited funds. So this morning I made a list of everyone I plan to give gifts to, what I plan to give, and a shopping list. Now I have to do the actual shopping. Definitely not my favorite part!

Thinking of Christmas brings up one of my pet peeves: opening that terrible packaging most electronics and other assorted items come in. You know the type I’m talking about. The clear plastic that is sealed around the edges. The kind of packaging that requires heavy duty equipment to break into. But behold! This year many companies are trying to make packaging more consumer-friendly!

I didn’t know it until reading a New York Times online article that there is actually a term for this pet peeve: wrap rage. I think I would be hard up to find someone who has not experienced wrap rage. I know I will be looking for these new packages that will reduce wrap rage! Treat yourself to a little good news and read more about this here.

Also for your Monday morning enjoyment (unless you have a fear of puppets) is this amusing animated short about a hand puppet gone wild. If you’re at work, no need to worry about missing out on sound – the short is set to music, but you can enjoy this animation without it.

And, if you are interested in following blogs like I am, enjoy my favorite new blog: White on Rice Couple. I am sure there are other couple blogs out there, but this is the first I’ve come across. I think it’s a great idea – a couple blogging together. This particular couple are food writers and travelers and share their recipes and experiences with the internet world. I’ve also added them to my sidebar blogroll.

I know that a lot of my real-life readers (people I know in person) are having a hard go of it right now. I wish you all warm snarkies this cold Monday morning!

Warm Snarky


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