You Might Not Know That I…

… talk to my cats – a lot.

… check my email and facebook page several times a day.

… sometimes narrative my life in my head.

… obsess over making my husband food he will clean his plate for.

… won’t let my husband dust because he “won’t do it right” (meaning he won’t do it like I do it. But I hate dusting so it rarely gets done.

… watch Dr. Phil when the topic seems interesting.

… regularly watch The People’s Court and Judge Judy.

… am easily hurt (but have learned to get over it much more quickly than I used to).

… am part of a legendary Rock Band group as the singer. (PS3 game, if ya didn’t know)

… have always been a picker. Have to pick on scabs, scratch mosquitoes bites. I don’t mind scars.

… love my husband’s appendectomy scar.

… kiss my cats.

… lied a lot when I was a teenager, but am now a more direct, honest person.

… know more about most people than I think I do – I listen when no one knows.

… have recently become obsessed with 16th century England, specifically the Tudor dynasty.

… don’t particularly like chocolate. I can’t eat plain milk chocolate. I need dark chocolate!

… don’t like cake – with the exception of one cake a former coworker brought in.

… will always crave beef jerky over chocolate. Teriakyi, please.

… have always been enchanted by Asian themes, even before I ended up working in a China adoption program.

… love making gifts and watching people open them.

… love classic Winnie the Pooh over Disney Pooh.

… wrote frequently in high school and took a creative writing course in college. The end result of the course was a book of short stories, all written by me.

… have my own room dedicated to all my hobbies – writing, painting, card making, digital scrapbooking, etc.

… don’t mind that I am currently unemployed.

… always think things will work out for the best, even if it takes some time to get there!

A post inspired by one of the blogs I follow, Miss Britt. Also, if you haven’t discovered it, I have an “About Me” page, but didn’t want to go with the traditional page title. Read more here. I also have an art page here. (These pages are all linked at the top of the blog. Enjoy!)


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