Curious as a Cat Meme #139

You would think with being unemployed I would at least have some time to do a meme! I am two weeks behind, but this week’s Monday Meme over at Curious as a Cat is aptly fitting.

1) What would you do if (or What will you do because) your workplace was (is) closed today and you could (can) do anything you wanted?
My workplace didn’t close, but I was laid off to relieve “financial bleeding.” (Those were Bossman’s words when he gave me my two week notice.) I can’t really do anything I want since we need to be conservative with our finances, but so far I’ve taken things easy, got some things done around the house, and am basically doing things on my own time table, which is nice. It’s especially nice for someone like me who loves her home and doesn’t mind spending a lot of time there!

2) Have you ever been emotionally attached to someone in a way that was detrimental to you?
Definitely! I lost four years of potential dating because I decided to stay with my high school boyfriend. I stayed with him more because we were one of the longest standing relationships in school (how cool is that for a teenager?!) than because I was in love with him. My parents hated him and I did stupid things to sneak around and be with him. Fortunately, I wised up and then met my M. For the full story click here.

3) What is the most beautiful word you know, in any language?
I don’t know about beautiful – but I like lots of words just because they are interesting. Two of my favorites are snarky and pithy.

4) What one thing limits your freedom the most?
Being laid off and losing that income! The need to work at all is what limits my freedom!

5) Show and Tell. What comes to mind first when you see this picture? Or, tell a story if it reminds you of one.
This makes me think of the honeymoon that has not been. M. and would really have liked to have gone to Hawaii for our honeymoon, however at the time we were married we were poor (he was only 21 and I was only 20 – both still in school). M.’s parent’s paid for us to stay in a beautiful cabin at a local lake area. It was nice, but not the honeymoon we had envisioned. We still plan to go to Hawaii, someday… The picture probably isn’t even tropical now that I look at it more, but that’s what I first thought of!


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