Chocolate – it’s not my favorite thing and I won’t eat it plain. I prefer dark chocolate over milk. It’s not often I crave chocolate, but I was in Target the other day getting crackers (I wanted to make chili for dinner and M. can’t have chili without crackers) and as I was going through the checkout line one of those strategicly placed impulse items caught my eye – Snickers Dark! (Snickers and Twix are my favorite candy bars – add a Diet Coke and there’s my favorite mid-day sugar snack!)

Target had also slapped a clearance sticker on the bars, so it must have been fate that I had never tried a Snickers Dark and now here it was, on clearance. Surely, I was meant to buy a couple even in this time of lay offs and “financial bleeding.” So I did.

And I ate them that very afternoon.

And I loved them.

More than I’ve ever loved a candy bar in my life.

And, of course, after doing some research, I found out why Target has them on clearance – they are limited edition. What a bummer! Shall I never have my beloved Snickers Dark again?

Totally unrelated to chocolate, I have to send out some warm snarkies to the office buddies who took me to lunch yesterday and gave me all their Roly stamps. It was a great day!


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  1. Brother said,

    October 10, 2008 at 6:14 pm

    I had Snickers Dark awhile back. They aren’t bad. You should give Milky Way Midnight, a dark chocolate candy bar, a try.

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