The exit interview

I knew this was coming, but what a way to start your final week at a job you’ve held for almost 5 years: first into the office, turn off the alarm, get the ‘ole computer started up and sign in, unload the dishwasher while computer trugs through logging in, go back to desk, open email and there it is – the email asking you to help the company that is releasing you into the unknown by telling them how they can improve. Um, can I just say, “Quit laying people off?” Probably not.

Okay, I will complete this exit interview and I plan to be totally honest. I really am not too bitter about my lay off since it will give me the time to really search for what I want, but still, this is not what I wanted first thing Monday morning.

The final question is “If the CEO left today and you were put in charge, what are the first things you would change?” I am going to really think about that one, but off the top of my head:

  • Act like I want my employees to act
  • Mean it when I say, “You can come talk to me about anything” and not make employees feel like idiots if they voice questions or concerns
  • Try not to display my nervous tics in front of the entire office (chewing on your fingers all the time is icky)
  • Apply employee treatment fairly – not admonish a couple people for longer lunches/leaving early and let others get away with it on a regular basis
  • Be transparent

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