Ack – Day behind on my Monday Meme!

I totally meant to do this yesterday, but was involved in work stuff – go figure since it was the first day of my final two weeks. Again, this is from Curious as a Cat:

1) What is the single most important ingredient for a spiritual life?
For me, it is self-awareness. Knowing myself means I know where I want to go in life and I can then determine the best path to get there. Knowing what makes you happy, how to meditate on your life – all important to self-awareness and spirituality. I didn’t gain self-awareness until a year or two ago, but I need it now more than ever since I got laid off from my job!

2) Who is the person you know with the freest spirit?
Probably Charlene – but I don’t see or hear from her nearly enough since she moved out to Portland, but the move was all part of her free spirit attitude.

3) How does it make you feel when you hear people argue?
Depends what the argument is about – minor things that don’t involve me don’t bother me or make me feel anything. But if I hear people really getting into something, even if it doesn’t involve me, it makes me uncomfortable. I once overheard a coworker and spouse arguing over the driving of the other’s father (but you could tell it went deeper than that) – made me want to make a dash for the restroom and hide out until it was over.

4) What one thing would you give to each of your ex-lovers?
Absolutely nothing – not even the time of day. None of those relationships ended well, but that’s okay since I got the ultimate guy in the end.

5) Show and Tell. What comes to mind first when you see this picture? Or, tell a story if it reminds you of one.
Makes me want to head home right now and make a divine dinner for M. I don’t even have anything defrosting today for dinner and no dinner plan – Ack!


1 Comment

  1. Cat. said,

    October 1, 2008 at 6:53 am

    No worries–I don’t grade down for late replies! 🙂

    Love your answer for #4–I tend to agree: they’re in the rear-view mirror and fading fast.

    See ya next week, if you have time with all the other stuff in your life!

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