A Note to the Office

I am not an overly sentimental and emotional person; at least I don’t like to be outwardly. I know that people at my office are going to feel badly for me and they are going to want to come to my office Monday to offer condolences, or whatever people do in this situation. In an attempt to head that off, I wrote the following email to everyone and sent it out over the weekend.

Hi Everyone,

I want you all to know that I am okay. It was a shock when I got the news Friday – it was unexpected and it always hurts when you have to leave somewhere you’ve been for awhile and are comfortable. I took the weekend to really think about what this means for me.

Many of you may know that this was supposed to be a temporary job for me when I applied. I was almost done with the MSW program and was planning to get a job as a school social worker (what a mistake that would have been!). M. was working for a communications company that ended up closing a few months before I graduated. That meant my looking for a full-time job before I was ready. I happened across a listing for a position on the college’s career webpage and that is how I ended up here.

It’s been a good four years, but not without challenges and rough times. But isn’t that the nature of life in general? I really stayed as long as I did because once I get comfortable somewhere it is hard for me to make a change and the people who are here are really some of the best people I’ve known in my life – seeing you all every day is what I will miss most when I leave.

This was an excellent opportunity to begin to find myself. I know now that had I been the person I am today when I was getting my degree, it would not have been an MSW! It just doesn’t fit who I am and where my strengths lie. I am not sure exactly what career is going to fit, but I look forward to the time to begin to figure that out.

M. and I have been here before – the IT industry can be very fickle and M. has had a few layoffs during our marriage. We’ve always gotten through it and M. has finally found a job he really loves. I am looking at this as my beginning to a path that will lead me to the same thing.

I am grateful for my time here. I’ve met some great people and plan to stay in touch. I gained much more confidence in myself and my skills while I was here. This is definitely not an ending for me, but a beginning.

I know it is easy to be sad when this happens, but I want you to know I am looking at the positives in all this, so don’t be sad for me. I won’t be going very far. M. and I are firmly rooted in the area, so I will always be around.

I wish all the best for everyone and want to make my last two weeks a happy time.

Isn’t it ironic that my dress for the Gala (work-related) I was going to attend on 10-18 arrived today?


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