Office Oops!

Yesterday after our weekly office staff meeting, I went into RR’s office to visit with her. Not about work. I had just nabbed a Diet Coke out of the snack fridge and did not feel like getting right back into the grind. So in heading out of the kitchen, I took a right instead of a left and moved away from my office where meeting minutes were waiting to engulf me in a whirlwind of boring typing…

RR’s office was empty. She was probably off somewhere doing actual work. Her officemate gets in later in the day on Wednesday, so I thought I would take a seat at the empty desk and wait for RR. Who wouldn’t want to walk into their office and find me waiting for them?

My plan was dashed when just a few seconds after I wandered into RR’s office Bossman came barreling in. Thinking fast so as to not look idle, I went over to RR’s officemate’s desk and took a quick look and there, to save me, was a pile of documents labeled “ready to be scanned.” I grabbed the pile and took off even though RR had also arrived by that time – Bossman had occupied her.

I then proceeded to do some scanning. Doing something out of the regular routine is always a bit more interresting than typing meeting minutes – even if it means standing in front of the copier in my toe-pinching heels.


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