Ringing in the Warm Snarkies **UPDATED**

I haven’t done any warm snarkies for a long time. So sad because a lot of people I know and love deserve them. So I was thinking about writing some warm snarkies and ended up doing the period post below. Then I was going through my favorite blogs on Google Reader and saw a post from Metal Floss about wedding rings.

I noticed over the weekend M. had taped his wedding ring to the top of his ring finger (above the knuckle). I asked him what that was all about and he told me his finger was swollen, so he moved the ring to relieve the pressure. I told him his ring was going to get all sticky from the tape and he could just take it off (I don’t even wear a wedding ring). But my M. stoutly refused. He has not taken that ring off his finger since the day I put it on him over 9 years ago. Boy oh boy do I love that guy! I think if he could have had his choice of wedding ring (we were dirt poor and got simple gold bands) he just might have gotten the first ring on the Mental Flossarticle – a ring encoded with a message in binary. My M. is a computer genius! M. deserves a big warm snarkyjust for being a wonderful husband, but also for putting up with my irritability in the closet this morning (see post below).

AB, oh, I mean AD! Got married on the 13th. So of course I thought of her when reading the article about wedding rings. She and her hubbie deserve a warm snarky and many, many years of happiness together!

RR gets the final and today’s biggest warm snarky because she needs it. Her work at the office has been stressful lately – people suck and she has been dealing with people nonstop for ages now.

I need to have a Snark image for my warm snarkies – maybe that will be a weekend project… So it turned into a project for tonight….


1 Comment

  1. RR said,

    September 23, 2008 at 4:11 pm

    Thanks for the warm snark message. You are right; I did nead it.

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