Have a happy what?!

Period. That is Alwaysnew slogan for their current advertising. Does anyone at Always have a period? If so, then they will know that it is not a happy time. At least, it isn’t a happy time for me and those commercials make me cringe. It’s also not a happy time for M. so I am sure he disagrees with Always too.

For me, it is usually the worst 3-4 days of the month. Cramps, tiredness, irritability, extra supplies in my purse – what’s to be happy about? It’s likely M.’s worst 3-4 days of the month too, if you asked him. Yesterday, in addition to having to take half a day off to cart Luigi to the vet, I had to deal with not wanting to get out of bed, cramps that could have kept me in bed all day wrapped around a heating pad, and a very strong desire not to work because I was tired and crampy. What’s happy about that?

(By the way, Luigi is doing well – most likely gastritis for which he is on two twice daily medications. He also got a rear end shaving from the vet to help with after-box cleanup. He looks kind of funny walking away now…)

Just this morning he kept singing the Subway $5 footlong song over and over while I was trying to decide what would be most comfortable to wear to work in this most uncomfortable time. Usually, this wouldn’t really bother me, I would just tune him out. This morning there could be no tuning out. That little jingle just kept getting louder and louder, blocking out all my decision-making abilities. So I am just standing in the closest getting angrier and angrier – at M. For singing a stupid little song. What’s happy about that?

Lucky for Always, I do find their particular products superior to the others on the market and have been faithful to them for many, many years. Their stupid little slogan Have a happy period isn’t enough to make me want to stop purchasing them – unless they catch me on one of those 3-4 days out of the month, then my craziness may just make up my mind for me. And what is happy about that?!


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