Four For Friday – Birthday

I had some time today and found a meme I felt like doing at, so here it is. Have a great weekend everyone!

Q1 – Today: Some people go out of their way to tell everyone they know that today (or pick your day) is their birthday, while others avoid it like a contagious bacterial disease characterized by fever and wicked bad diarrhea (for example, I once spent an entire with someone and never knew it was his birthday because he never told me). Do you tell people when it’s your birthday or do you prefer to keep it to yourself?
I don’t tell. My not telling has nothing to do with avoiding it, I don’t care about a numerical age or the fact I am another year older. I like to know people remember my birthday, so I never tell. I wait to see who remembered and who didn’t.

Q2 – Keeping Track: How do you keep track of birthdays (, a little black book, good memory, your computer calendar, Facebook, etc.)?
I mostly remember birthdays – at least the month. I also used to write them on a calendar and at the beginning of each year would transfer the birthdays to the new calendar. I have a gmail account and have been meaning all year to get out my 2007 calendar and put all the birthdays in the calendar associated with my gmail account so I don’t have to transfer them each year, but here it is already September and I still haven’t done it!

Q3 – Celebrating: How do you like to celebrate your own birthday? Do you do anything special for yourself, have a tradition you adhere to, take the day off from work and the rest of the world, etc.?
My favorite way to spend a day is at home with my husband and my cats, so that is how I like to spend my birthday. My husband often takes me out to dinner, sometimes a movie – that’s all good too! If I have time available to take off from work that’s always nice too!

Q4 – Change: Some of the kids I grew up with felt cheated by the fact that their birthday was in late-June, July, or August… meaning, they never got to celebrate their birthday in school like all of the kids whose birthdays fell on a school day. If you could change your birthday, would you, and if so, what date would you move it to and why?
My birthday is May 10th and I wouldn’t change it. Spring is my favorite time of year with the mild temperatures and everything beginning to turn green again. May is perfect! Plus, when I met my husband a number of birthdays in his family were on the 10th day of the month, so I fit right in.


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