Monday morning and its already started…

There was widespread wind damage and power outages across our tristate area yesterday. The after-effects have extended into this morning. Several local schools are closed, people are comparing wind damage stories, and of course, at work we are having internet problems.

Ms. Higher Up sent out an email yesterday afternoon explaining that our office had lost power, but we had regained power. Even though we once again had power, Ms. Higher Up explained, we may still experience internet and email problems Monday morning.

7:10 am: I arrive at the office. I am not fully awake yet and just want some time to settle back into work mode. I stumble back to my office and fire up the computer.

7:13 am: I get logged into our office system and read Ms. Higher Up’s email about possible problems this morning due to yesterday’s storm and power outages. My email seems fine, but I cannot connect to any websites. I do not panic, after all, Ms. Higher Up told us this might happen.

7:15 am: My phone rings. I shudder. There is nothing I hate more than office phone calls right after I arrive. I hate phone calls anyway, but I am definitely not ready to talk to anyone on the phone five minutes after I get in. I answer and it’s Ms. Front Office. She’s in a panic as she explains to me she has not received any email since Ms. Higher Up’s email on Sunday. Should she call Ms. Higher Up? (This is the abbreviated version – it actually took several minutes for her to explain what she was all worked up about.)

7:18 am: I remind Ms. Front Office that we have a ‘Computer Issues’ distribution list in Outlook. She needs to contact this distribution list to report a problem – just like we have explained in countless staff meetings, including last week’s meeting. It’s like she has never heard of this list and it just now dawns on her that it exists and she should send an email to it about this problem. I make faces to no one and calmly tell Ms. Front Office to send an email and I am sure someone will look into it.

7:40 am: Someone arrives to look into the issue.

8:00 am: Issue resolved and I can finally get this posted!


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