Bossman Rained On My Parade (alt: Bossman Ruined My Award)

I have had a very hard time getting into work mode today… I don’t know if it’s the weather (dark and cloudy, which I usually like), if it’s just burn out, or if my mind is just too superior for this job. Maybe its because our office building was just put up for sale and I am fantasizing about us moving to a much smaller space – a space were some people need to work from home because we just can’t possibly fit everyone in that office. I am dreaming about working in my PJs with cats dancing around my feet singing the “we’re hungry” song. (M. calls them “the choir” when they start in about 1-2 hours before regularly scheduled feeding time.)

Anyway, I spent some time staring out my office window. I really do have a nice view from my window. There’s a lake out there and some trees. Sometimes some water fowl add to the interest. While I was staring out my window I looked down at the sill and there was my Golden File.

A couple months ago our office went through a process to prepare for our reaccreditation visit. One step in this process was reviewing several of our case files to make sure they were in good order. I was awarded the Golden File by one of our Higher Ups in a small program meeting for reviewing the most files (somewhere in the neighborhood of 30, I think). Go me!

I took my Golden File back to my office where it was proudly displayed on my desk for a bit and then moved to a more visible spot on my window sill. One day Bossman came into my office with something for me to type. When Bossman comes into my office he never stays on the “visitor side” of mGolden File Awardy desk. He comes around the my side of the desk and stands right next to me and spreads whatever projects he has for me all over my desk, moving aside whatever I am currently working on.

On this particular day he noticed my Golden File and looked down at it with some mild interest although he did not say anything about it. I was totally proud of my Golden File so even though he had not asked, I proclaimed, “That’s my Golden File! I got it for reviewing the most case files!”

Bossman still really didn’t say anything. He gave me a look you would give a small child for being proud of some very mundane accomplishment – perhaps wiping the snot from their dripping nose – and gave an, “Oohhh,” and the proceeded to explain the project he wanted me to do.

I know, doesn’t sound like a big deal, but now every time I look at my coveted Golden File all I see is Bossman’s look and hear his, “Oohhh” resounding in my mind.


PS – I plan to fix the header image on the blog, but I was fooling around with different design templates yesterday at work and once I decided on this one, I realized my image was saved on my computer at home. Then last night I was too busy reading and playing Spore to remember to fix the blog… The Snark will be back. Miss him in the meantime.


1 Comment

  1. Storm said,

    September 12, 2008 at 8:03 pm

    Maybe Bossman just had too many things processing in his mind. You know, like a shot glass… if too much goes in, he’ll lose the other stuff that was in there before.

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