Why I love my iPod

M. and I stayed up waayy too late this weekend playing Rock Band on our PS3 (yes, we are overgrown children). We sang and strummed into the wee hours of Sunday morning so our band, Cephalopod Machine, could make it into the virtual Rock Hall of Fame. Goal accomplished!

However, I am definitely feeling the effects this morning as I try to switch from weekend game warrior mode to office mode. I did about half an hour of work when I got in this morning and then had to check my Google Reader to see what my favorite blog writers had to say this sleepy Monday morning. That’s when I came across this post at Suburban Turmoil:

You get in your car, turn on the radio and punch up your favorite station. It’s Power 103 and it always delivers on its continually looped promise to play the hits of the 80s, 90s and today… at least when it’s not playing those ridiculous LA Weight Loss commercials.

As you pump up the volume and get ready to rock out to the likes of Ace of Bass, your ears are assaulted by… Garth Brooks. Garth. Brooks?!The song ends abruptly and a DJ with an unfamiliar twang comes on the air. “Ee-yuts Hick 103, playin’ all yer country favorites!”

Immediately, you enter the first stage of Radio Format Change Grief.

Go to Suburban Turmoil to continue reading. We’ve all had this happen to us – you find that radio station where they play music you mostly like, where the DJs appeal to you and talk about entertaining stuff you enjoy. Then you tune into that radio station for the morning drive into the office and it’s been changed to country, or opera, or some type of music you just don’t like.

M. and I rarely listen to the radio anymore. We’re all setup with iTunes on the computer, M. turned our PS3 into a media center so we can play tunes off the computer in our living room, M. has a USB thumb drive port in his car stereo so he can download all the music he likes and plug in, I have a 6 CD changer in my car, and we both have our iPods.

I tote my iPod Nano (2nd generation, metallic green) around with me everywhere. I bought a hard shell case to protect it when it’s on the move – I just throw it into a pocket in my purse and don’t worry about scratches. I have a Logitech docking speaker system on the desk in my office. In addition to the headphones that came with the iPod, I also purchased the lanyard-type accessory headphones for my Nano (because pockets are rarely my friends). And, because I spend more time than ever in my kitchen actually cooking, I recently purchased a little iHome speaker dock so I can listen to tunes while whipping up something good for dinner.

Right now my music tastes are a bit narrow. I have a big selection of Radiohead, one Grizzly Bear album, and two Nine Inch Nails albums on my playlist. I had the iPod on shuffle all songs this morning at work, but switched so it only plays Radiohead’s Hail to the Thief after a Nine Inch Nails song came on full of “fuck.”

And I just came across this and LOVE it!!  Tree Solar Charger


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  1. October 2, 2008 at 10:02 pm

    I am a avid ipod classic user. The idea of having 160gb in my back pocket is just crazy, but awesome at the same time. I have over 94 movies and 12,000 songs and not to mention 4200 photos’s in my pocket. I wish my GF was that easy. The classic still maintains that hard drive, instead of flash, but I have had no issues to date. I have owned a 80 and now the 160gb. I don’t care much for internet on a 3” screen, thats like a whore wanting a 3” cock. she will play with it if she has to, but always wanting more. 160gb player is the equivalent of a porn star, vs a amatuer when it come to mp3 players. I play on the tv, have a ipod stereo in the car, and recently bought 800 watt speakers to connect my ipod, now that is total music mania. I use itunes as a big part of my career as a mobile DJ Venue Host. I wish they would incorporate a better crossfade feature, 12 sec is a joke in my world. I want 30 sec. anyway. I appreciate your blog. CoonMan

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