Marketing Committee

I just received an invitation for the first ever meeting of the newly formed Marketing Committee at our office. Several things about this invite make me particularly snarky:

  1. The invite is from Ms. Higher Up.
  2. I’ve frequently told Ms. Higher Up that I am not a marketing person. That’s not in my job description and it’s not where any of my skills lie.
  3. There was no prior mention to me about this marketing committee or that I would be on it.
  4. It is yet another thing Ms. Higher Up has volunteered me for without the simple courtesy of talking to me about it first.
  5. Yet another meeting I get to attend…
  6. Marketing? Yuck!
  7. Did I already write that the invite came from Ms. Higher Up and I knew nothing about it?!?!
  8. Are they sure they want someone like me on a marketing committee?


  1. lilseed said,

    September 10, 2008 at 6:28 am

    Unfortunately, our staff is so small that we need to have people do what they are asked – it’s the nature of the small nonprofit organization. It wasn’t as bad as all that once the meeting actually took place – I get to use more behind the scenes tactics like design work, but initially I was pretty snarked off.

    I agree with you about the colors – I need to figure out how to manually change or find a WordPress template I like as much that is easier to read. Always a work in progress!

    Email me sometime and let me know how the house is going!

  2. brother said,

    September 9, 2008 at 9:20 pm

    Have you ever tried to politely decline these things and explain your reasons for such?

    Your color scheme is somewhat hard to read to me. Kinda bothers my eyes after a bit. Since you wanted feedback…

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