Did you hear what I said?!

Or perhaps it just didn’t matter.

Wednesday I received a call from our office’s IT firm. The representative from the firm tells me that Ms. Higher Up has notified him I am having printer problems. I tell Mr. IT that I was having printer problems, but we figured it out. When I switched from our terminal server system to a PC not all the printers were added – I’ve added the one I needed. No need for Mr. IT to do anything.

Later that same day Ms. Higher Up herself gives me a call. I tell her Mr. IT does not need to do anything with my printer situation when he comes out that evening to do system updates – everything is resolved. (Plus, I am thinking no need to have Mr. IT spend additional billable hours on a non-issue…) Ms. Higher Up says, ‘I still want Mr. IT to make sure everything (the printers) is named correctly.’ I think to myself, ‘Of course everything is named correctly – if it wasn’t it wouldn’t work right.’ But whatever, I figure Mr. IT will look, see everything is okay and nothing happens. WRONG!

Thursday morning I come into the office and begin work, same old, same old. But then I try to print something. For some reason my PC now thinks the fax option connected to the printer down the hall is my default printer. Oh, no, no, no PC – do you remember I setup the printer right near my office as my default? Of course you don’t remember because Ms. Higher Up had Mr. IT fiddling around with my settings Wednesday night and now everything is all screwed up!

Just so you know Ms. Higher Up, I’m sending my furry little friend to your house this weekend…

I'll gun ya down... or smoke ya out! (thanks KE)

I'll gun ya down... or smoke ya out! (thanks KE)


1 Comment

  1. Storm said,

    August 29, 2008 at 11:26 pm

    Sure glad that Mr. IT isn’t me!! 😀

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