What the Blog?!

I use Google Reader to track all the blogs I enjoy reading. If you use Google Reader you know it will also make recommendations of blogs you might like based on the blog you put into your subscription list. Like this:

Every now and then I will go through the list of blogs Google thinks I might enjoy. When clicking on the ‘View all’ a list appears like this:

The first thing I like to do is say, ‘No thanks’ to any blogs that don’t do what I deem to be a significant number of posts per week. I like the blogs I read to do at least 3 posts per week, preferably more. If I am going to add your blog to Reader I want to know when I pop it open I will see something new to read.

After eliminating some of the blogs I go back and actually pop each blog that may be interesting open to see what their main page looks like, what kind of posts they write, if they have an ‘about me’ page I can read.

I was doing a bit of this weeding out of my Google Reader recommendations this morning and the very first two blogs I popped open I had no idea what they were supposed to be about – no introduction of the blog or the author. No links to related items, the posts themselves seems disconnected and no reoccurring theme. This made me a little snarky. I thought, ‘What the heck are these blogs about?’

Then I came over to my blog. I took a look over it and hope that it pulls together some kind of theme. When visitors peek at my blog I don’t want them to have the same reaction I had to those blogs this morning. Yes, the theme of this blog may be snarkiness, it may be bitching about work and people in general, but that’s still a theme.

To that end, I am always open to suggestions. If you want something changed on the blog or something added, send me an email, post me a comment. I may not implement it, but I will at least look at it.


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