The new layout

I am getting some positive feedback on the new layout of the Snark Chronicles. Thanks, I like it too! One thing I don’t particularly like is that the tabbed links to pages connected to my main page are hard to see.

When I moved over to WordPress and had the option of creating pages that were linked to my blog, but were not the main page, I decided that the Book Bag section of my blog was moving to a page. I wanted to have somewhere to keep a running list of the books I read as well as jot down my thoughts on those books.

So if you look way up at the top of the page in my custom Snark head image, you will see there are three tabs. You don’t see them? Look over to the right… They are called “Home,” “Oh, How Snarky,” and “Book Bag.” You can click on them to be taken to the other pages of my little piece of the internet. Right now Book Bag is the only one that is really fleshed out. I may need to tweak the background color of my custom header so the tabbies are more visible.

Just a little FYI for my blog readers. RR asked me the other day where the Book Bag was, so now y’all know. Happy Snarky Day.

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