It’s gonna be one of Those days

Oh Monday, how I lament you!

The day began with M.’s week-long illness persisting. Fortunately, he has finally taken my advise to stay home from work and get a day of rest in to overcome this ailment. He is also going to see the doctor. When I caught this bug I did take a day to stay home and sleep and got over it fairly quickly only to be brought down again with those icky monthly cramps.

After checking on M. to see how he was faring, I went to see what was hanging out in my inbox and found that I had a MySpace message from Bleck. The subject of the message was ‘??’ and the message said (his misspellings, not mine), “Are you trying to get in tpuch with me or did you just accidently google my name.’

I don’t know that I have ever Googled Bleck’s name and I certainly wouldn’t want to at this point in my life. So, no, Bleck, I did not accidentally or purposefully Google your name. I am not trying to get in touch with you and haven’t wanted to get in touch with you since fall of 1997 when I told you we were over.

For some reason Bleck keeps popping up ever few years with some kind of message to me through some third party website like MySpace because he certainly doesn’t have my email address. Even though it’s not the best way to begin my week, I will just chalk it up to my having such a hold on people that Bleck cannot let go… I am just that special. Too bad for him I have a life I love sans Bleck!  

Then I got to work this morning to find several pages of Bossman scrawl to interpret and type. Aww, the joys of deciphering at 7am! Bossman is not in the office yet, but I am sure I will get several revisions to my typings as soon as he appears.

Time for some mindless envelope stuffing and listening to Backdrifts by Radiohead. The day just has to get better from here… right?

Note: Fortunately for me, this is all I have to complain about right now. Life really is pretty good.


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