The Darn Blue Sheet

At my workplace we have a page we call the “blue sheet.” This blue sheet is a listing of all the programs clients can choose from and the difference between the programs. I am the lucky keeper of the blue sheet. If a program has a change to their information on the blue sheet they contact me so I can make the change and send the updated sheet out to the entire office.

Typically, the blue sheet is only updated about every 1-2 months when we do a thorough review of our literature on our various programs. The last update was done 7/30/08. Since the revision date I have made no fewer than 5 updates to the darn blue sheet – three of those changes within a two hour period this morning!

Why all the changes? Because Bossman doesn’t know how to accurately review information and apply changes to our existing literature. He may read something and instantly jump to the conclusion we need an immediate and urgent change to our literature. Then 15 minutes later he can read the same information and find another immediate and urgent change that needs to be made. And we’d better make it RIGHT NOW!! Never mind more changes may be coming…

Then once the changes are made and the various versions have been emailed to all office staff come the inevitable calls to me. “Which blue sheet should I use?” Well, caller, in the last email I said this is the most current version of the blue sheet. I told you what changes I made. I asked you to discard all previous versions of the blue sheet. I proclaimed you should disregard previous emails about the blue sheet. Please, do use the first one I sent out today. Caller, you get the big eye roll today!


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