Oh the things we have seen!

I has been a busy, busy past few days for M. and I! We took a road trip to visit friends this weekend. M. got to go golfing Saturday afternoon and I hung out with M.’s best friend’s wife and her kiddos. Sunday evening M. and I went to see Radiohead – live – in person – up close! We were only about eight rows back from the stage. Thom Yorke singing, dancing and giving the audience ‘the eye,’ Jonny Greenwood rocking out on all sorts of instruments, Ed O’Brien strumming his guitar, Colin and Phil were there too – they were just heard more than seen. It was M.’s dream and I was fortunate enough to be the one with him when that dream was realized.

Radiohead respectfully asked fans to ‘keep the show live’ and to not take videos or photos so M. and I left all our cameras at home or in the car. Of course, there are bootleg videos all over YouTube. None of the videos are especially good. It was an outdoor concert, it was dark, and the LED light displays don’t video well on the type of camera people would have had to smuggle in – lots of cell phone cameras, I am guessing. Here is one video showing Thom dancing. The crowd goes wild! This one is pretty good too. In the videos you can see the pit peoples’ heads (they had to stand mushed together the entire time). M. and I were off to the left side in the seated area, but not so far we couldn’t make out facial features of the band! I would so follow M. to any Radiohead concert anywhere! Don’t tell M., but I totally have a crush on Thom! 😉

The opening band was Grizzly Bear. I am now awaiting one of their CDs to arrive from Amazon.com.

We took Monday off so we could rest up before venturing back into real life. We slept in, I made a delectable chicken tortilla soup, and then treated ourselves to the new X Files movie and dinner out. Not extremely X Files-ish, but a good movie anyway.

So now we are coming down off our concert high and getting back into the grind at work. Not fun – I’m going to quit and become a Radiohead groupie. M., your welcome to tag along too… We are shorthanded at work this week, particularly in the front office. I am helping out, but I have to say there are some aspects of helping out up there that I cannot stand. For instance, when we have two people out on vacation, another calls in sick, and the remaining person up front comes in late then has to go get some water before she can help out and that takes another 15-20 minutes. And this is after she has clocked in. Ok, didn’t know your water was in Timbuktu.

And, if you read this blog, you know Wednesday is meeting day at the office. RR. had a snarky moment when asking that the front office not send calls back when she has clearly marked herself unavailable on our OfficeView program. Someone has to comment that sometimes the caller says they were just contacted, blah, blah, blah. I could see the daggers shooting from RR’s eyes. And then, I offer to do some front office coverage so others can go to lunch. Well, this same particular person logs herself out for lunch, then spends about 30-45 minutes checking personal email and Facebook. Then she leaves the office for over an hour. Granted, I have taken long lunches and do check my personal email at work, but not when we are shorthanded and have to have everyone pitching in.

Oh, I am going back to my concert-induced high and Radiohead fog. I hear some Radioheaddrifting out of M.’s room now…

PS – M. and I now have a cute little Flip video camera, so I will need to try out some video skills and post them to my little piece of the world wide web. Stay tuned!

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  1. Anonymous said,

    August 7, 2008 at 8:07 pm

    Oh, Snarky, I couldn’t agree with you more. Today I got a call asking if a fax was for me when it was obvious it was for a completely different continent!

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