Library Debate

As the week winds down I am having an obstinately difficult time concentrating on my work. So here I am at my blog, taking a break. Don’t turn me in for wasting company time – I do get my work done! 😉

One of my favorite blogs – Mental Floss – had a link to a blog on one of my other favorite topics – libraries and reading! (I see M. rolling his eyes or shaking his head in mild disgust right now…) The blog is called MyLibBlog and is written by a librarian in Colorado. The specific post that was linked in my Morning Cup O’Links over at Mental Floss was a letter to a library patron who challenged one of the books in the children’s section of the library. The book in question is Uncle Bobby’s Wedding.

The library patron was challenging the book because she felt it promoted homosexuality and that homosexuality is not a topic appropriate for children. If you read the reply Jamie, the author of MyLibBlog, has written, I think he makes excellent points about how the book deals with subject matter that is very relevant to children in today’s society and that it is the parents of the child who need to decide if this book is appropriate for their children. I agree with these points even though I have not read the book in question.

I’ve not explored the MyLibBlog thoroughly yet, but plan to add it to my Google Reader selection for now to see if it’s something I want to keep up with.


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