Aprons and Green Tea Bathes

Pioneer Woman Ree did a post today about a cute cowgirl apron she just got on her Home & Garden blog. When someone on one of the blogs I regularly read posts about something they found online I head right over to the website. In this case, PW’s apron came from Sommer Designs. They do have cute aprons, but the ones they have available for sale right now are hostess aprons, you know, those ones that tie only around your waist and don’t cover anything up top. Now, this just isn’t practical for me. When I cook the most likely place for me to end up with slops is the area this apron doesn’t cover – both because of my height (or lack thereof) and an ample chest. Sommer Designs’ full coverage aprons don’t go on sale until mid-October, but that’s okay because I made my own apron some time ago – I just have to remember to put it on when I am cooking! And my apron covers me all the way down to my knees!!

What I really liked on the Sommer Designs website – and it came as a shock to me because typically I am not really into this kind of thing – was the handcrafted handbags. But, wouldn’t you know it, the Malaga Bag in lime paisley which I just love is sold out. šŸ˜¦ The Del Cerro Tote in Toile fabrics are pretty cool too – just not as much as the Malaga in lime paisley…

And while I am doing a post on stuff I like online, when I visited my parents in North Dakota earlier this month, my mom set out some Cru de Provence green tea bath products that came in a gift basket her boss bought her. I used the body wash and lotion during my visit and just love the scent! She gave me the travel size lotion and body wash to take home since that is about all I was allowed per airline security regulations on liquids and gels. Once home I did some research and found out these products are sold by Wind Country Gift Baskets. Mom got the lovely ‘Day Off‘ basket. (Her boss spoils her employees!)

Just a quick post this afternoon to take a quick break from work! šŸ™‚


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