Teen Workers Are Peoples Too!

Listen here Ms. Higher Up, don’t tell me that you have urgent, urgent work for our teen helper to do when she is in the office, withhold the list of files you need pulled, and then when I come request the list because our teen helper is in the office today snark at me like we are bothering you. Don’t tell me, “Teen Helper will just have to wait,” in that condescending voice of yours. You are the one who said this needs to be done ASAP. I can’t help it if you are busy and don’t want to deal with this right now – you are the one who ignored my previous requests for the list like it is some coveted list meant only for your eyes.

Our Teen Helper was right outside your door when you made that snarky remark and I hope it didn’t hurt her feelings. I know you probably really don’t care about that because you think she is working this job all loosy goosy, but from my standpoint, she’s done a good job when she’s here and a lot of it has been nasty, hot attic work, so why don’t you just step down from your high horse and take a Prozac or something?

Since you weren’t ready for her, I now have her working downstairs where it is cool until you deem it appropriate to grace us with your superior highness…


1 Comment

  1. Anonymous said,

    July 17, 2008 at 1:48 pm

    All I can say is yowzer!


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