Thinking about my boys…

The Mental Floss Morning Cup O’Links this morning featured a few links that had me thinking about my boys – Clyde, Luigi, and that wonderful M.

First, we have this lovely cat animation by Simon Tofield that reminds me mostly of that little Lu living in my house, but with some Clyde thrown in. I watched the video at work this morning, so no sound, but still, it was hilarious! My poor little Lu had dental surgery on Monday and his brother is not being very nice to him since he smells all vetty. Luigi had gums growing down over some of his teeth so the vet cut them away and did a cleaning. I also decided to microchip the little bugger while he was down because I can see him slipping past us, out the porch door and running off into the sunset. He is so wild sometimes! His surgery went well, but we are still waiting on a lab analysis of the gum to make sure it is not cancerous. If it’s not (let’s all pray…) then the vet doesn’t know why Luigi’s gums are all hyperactive and he may have to have this surgery every year. Still, I would rather plunk down a couple hundred dollars a year than deal with cancer…

Then a couple links that made me think of my beloved M. The first was a guide on M.’s favorite reptile – the SNAKE!! I’ve mentioned before how much he loves those critters! That coral snake is kind of cute – bet M. would love it if I picked one up after work as a pet. Then we have the Geek Cakes. If M. liked cake, a nice electronic-styled or Star Wars cake would be perfect for him!

And, unrelated to my boys, I saw a link on the Mental Floss blog that took me to a style quiz. The first thing I need to do is ‘pick my favorite brands.’ What if I don’t have any favorite brands? What if I’ve never even heard of most of these brands? What does that say about my style? Why aren’t Old Navy and Target listed as brands?! Today I’m wearing a little Wal-Mart as well… Okay, I picked a few and then I had to rate products I’d never seen… and then you have to create an account to get your style result. So blah, I’m not giving them any of my info. I guess my style will forever remain a mystery…


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