Vacation Update

Wednesday, June 25: We took a trip to the state’s capitol, Bismark. We did not get going as early as planned (mom takes longer to get ready than I think she realizes), so once we had made the 2.5 hour drive it was time to have lunch. We had tickets for the Lewis & Clark Riverboat cruise of the Missouri River (once again obtained by mom from the Wheeler Dealer radio show), so we decided to eat close to the dock at a restaurant called Captain Meriweather’s.

So, we walk into Meriweather’s and of course there is a sign asking that people ‘Please Wait to Be Seated.’ So we waited, and waited, and waited. No one was at the hostess stand and there was no bell to summon anyone from the back where apparently all employees were congregated (not a good idea at noon…) Finally, without apology, a lady comes out and seats us in the dining room. Now, the dining room was pretty much vacant – most people had chosen to sit on the patio, but we decided against it because of the heat and wind – and where do we get seated? At a table that was almost level with our knees. It was the shortest table in the entire dining room! I suppose we could have moved, but we made do. I suppose there are worse things that can happen than sitting at a low table; for instance what happened next.

We gave our waiter our drink orders, he brings them out. I took a sip of my soda and sucked up a small hard piece of something. I spit it out in my palm and discovered a tiny chunk of clear glass. Luckily, I did not bite down on it or swish it around in my mouth! We waited to see if the waiter would come back so we could tell him about the glass, but after waiting a few minutes, dad took the glass and my drink and went searching for someone to tell. He came back with a new drink for me. Apparently, they did not even really apologize, just said ‘We don’t know how that would have happened.’

Okay, glass-in-the-drink injury averted. We then ordered. We all tried out the chicken wraps. They were okay, but the lunch I had the previous day at the Pita Pit was more enjoyable. The Pita Pit was also about three times less expensive. Meriweather’s will not get any kind of recommendation from me!

We then went outside to wait for boarding on the Lewis & Clark to begin. Mom and dad trekked back to the Explorer to slather on sunscreen. I decided against the greasy mess and later paid for it with lobster arms. (I can feel the heat radiating from my arms as I type this.) We then took a relaxing cruise up and down the Missouri River.

After the cruise we did some very light shopping. Mom had to return some clothing she’d purchased at Kohl’s in Grand Forks (no Kohl’s in Minot) and dad had to get some kind of screws for the basement footings in the house he is building for my brother.

After shopping it was a visit to my mom’s parents. My mother’s parents have always lived in the Bismarck area while my dad’s parents lived right down the hill from us, so in that scenario where there are the ‘A’ grandparents and the ‘B’ grandparents, my mom’s parents got the role of ‘B.’ Not because I like them any less, I just never got the opportunity to know them as well as my other grandparents.

We then made the drive home. One of the less exciting days, but I had to blog about it anyway!

Thursday, June 26: I got up this morning and took a 2 hour drive around various spots I used to haunt while growing up to see how things have changed. I drove through Burlington, the town where I attended elementary school and then up to the sleepy town of Des Lacs where I attended middle and high school. I shot some photos yesterday and today and have put them all into a slide show for you to enjoy.

Mom has her tattoo appointment this afternoon and then we have dinner with my dad’s dad and his wife. More to come as my trip winds down to it’s last days.


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