Oh, Embarrassment!

I got some new clothes yesterday. I rarely get new clothes and wear the same outfits to work week after week, so I was excited to wear a new skirt and top today. There was no wind when I walked into work early this morning. Unfortunately for me, the wind picked up sometime between my arrival and the time I left for lunch.

I walked out the office door on my way to my car and Bossman walks out right behind me. He says something about how nice it is today. I say it’s a little too hot for me as I near my car. Just then a gust of wind comes across the parking lot. I didn’t realize how flouncy this new skirt is compared to my others – but it is and the flounce makes it susceptible to ballooning in wind gusts – which it did – in the office parking lot – with Bossman out there with me!

I am not sure how much was in view before I wrangled the skirt back around my thighs and knees. But, oh the embarrassment! One thing I know, if he did see anything, Bossman won’t mention it. And I guess it’s not quite as embarrassing as Bossman walking around one of our annual client picnics with his fly open…

I will have to pay more attention to the weather reports when deciding to wear this particular skirt!


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