For the past couple weeks we’ve had a visitor to our back door at the office – a duck. He comes to the door and either stares in or lays down right next to the door and falls asleep with his head under his wing. Other than making a bit of a mess on the concrete pad outside the door, he’s really not hurting anything and he provides some office amusement each day.

Bossman has been out of the office for the past two weeks which means he had not seen our back door visitor – and that is lucky for the duck. Bossman has been known to chase geese around our parking lot with his vehicle and also hired a guy with a dog to keep away the geese.

Unfortunately for the duck, Bossman happened to pass by the door this afternoon while duck was lounging out there. Bossman exclaims, “Damn, we have a duck trying to lay an egg out there!” Then Bossman goes up to the door and bangs on it to scare away the duck.

I’ve got news for you Bossman. You see those green feathers on our duck’s head? That means ducky is a boy, and last time I checked, the boys don’t lay eggs. But if this one does, you ought to contact the news because we could probably get some publicity from a boy duck laying an egg…

Ducky came back shortly after Bossman departed the office. We will have to wait and see if he gets to stick around or if Bossman hires a duck dog…

And, a note to those road ragers who feel it is necessary to get right up on my ass when I’m driving 60 mph on the interstate: I flip you a virtual bird. I don’t need my rear view mirror full of your grill – learn to be more fuel efficient!


1 Comment

  1. Anonymous said,

    June 3, 2008 at 2:07 pm

    I was waiting for the duck story!!! I wouldn’t mind seeing the fight between duck and Bossman.


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