I think the blogging bug has left me. It may be the weather (nicer weather for me means nicer disposition) or it may be that bossman is out of the country… Whatever it is means that the Snark Chronicles has been neglected once again. I shall end up losing all my readers and drift away to the wasteland of unread blogs.

There is a little snark about today. Does anyone else use Google Reader to track your favorite blogs? I do, have for some time now. It’s nice because I click ‘Reader’ and instantly I can see which of my favorite blogs have been updated instead of clicking all over the world wide web. Well, for the past few days I click ‘Reader’ and see that several blogs have been updated, but when I click the specific blogs in reader I get this message, ‘Whatever Blog has no unread items.’ What?! I can see by the blue number at the end of the blog’s title that it does have unread items. Where are they? Why can’t I view them? Reader what have you done?

To make matters even more snarky, the only way to submit a problem to Google is to post to a message board. I absolutely hate message boards. They get all jammed up with junky, no reason posts and I can never find information that I need. I would much rather have a help email address I can write to or an online form to fill out then post to the Google Help Board. Especially since someone already posted this issue and has, so far, received no response from Google.

Well, that’s it for now. If you are one of my few frequent visitors, please do not abandon me! I will try to be better about posting. Bossman will be back eventually and the long weekend is over…


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