Ragin’ on the Road

On my way to work this morning I stop at a two way stop – cross traffic does not stop. The person at the stop sign across from me was there before I halted my car and they are turning left (left blinker light is clearly displayed). So once cross traffic is clear I wait for lefty to make their turn. Well, since people in that area are not the best about waiting for people to make their left turns, this person was understandably cautious. The jacked up Toyota behind me however apparently has no patience for traffic niceties. As soon as he realizes that the cross path is clear and neither I nor lefty has made a move in about three seconds he lays on his horn.

Well, Mr. Jackass, I will give you the benefit of the doubt: you must have raging demented bees buzzing up your ass, your nose hairs must have been on fire, perhaps your fingertips were melting off? All valid reasons to be a hyperactive maniac on the road… Anyway, Mr. Jackass, your insistence did not pay off did it? Unluckily for you I drove the speed limit all the way to the interstate and then went 60 mph in the 70 mph zone. Needless to say, as soon as he got a chance Mr. Jackass flew past me. I am sure those bees were really beginning to be a nuisance…

In fashion news, I am wearing a new skirt today. That is news in itself since I have a narrow selection of skirts I wear all week. This particular skirt was on the clearance rack at Target for a mere $5, so of course I had to have it. I didn’t realize until I put it on this morning that it is a bit shorter than my usual skirts. So today is Self-conscious Tuesday.


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