Birthday Bonanza and Monday Morning Snark

Before I get into any snarkiness this morning, I would like to update all my wonderful, faithful readers (I know I have at least 4) on what I did this weekend.

Wordiness about the Weekend: Most of my readers know it was my birthday Saturday. Because age means nothing to me, I don’t mind putting it out there that I am now 29 years old and I do not fear the approaching 30. So for my birthday M. and I went out to lunch and to a movie.

But before we went on birthday fun we made a stop at Lowes so M. could get a mother’s day present (way to wait until nearly the last minute!!). He picked out a very nice bamboo wind chime. But guess what? We have to take it back because when his mom opened it yesterday one of the ceramic butterflies and bamboo thingys was missing. It figures we would get the defective one! After Lowes, it was off to lunch…

I got to choose where we ate, and instead of the old standby sit down restaurant (Applebees) I decided we’d venture to TGIFridays – even though it is attached to the mall, the most evil, evil shopping place. I also made M. drive so I didn’t have to get stressed out by the last minute Mother’s Day shopping traffic.

I ate at a TGIFridays a looong time ago during my first year of college. M. had never ate at one, so it was like a whole new experience for us. Matt had a ‘petite sirloin‘ with a side of very yummy white cheddar jalapeno macaroni. (Kudos to M. for not getting chicken fingers!) I am typically not a big red meat eater, but I decided to try something different and went with the week 3 winner from the Ultimate Recipe Showdown on Food Network – the Chipotle Grilled Steak Sandwich. I was a little weary of this dish since it was steak and plantains, but decided to go for it anyway and it was delicious! (I had mine with fries instead of the onion rings, but M. and I really shared his macaroni as a side to both our lunches.)

We then stopped at the theater to see Baby Mama. Now M. was not thrilled about seeing this movie, but again, my birthday, my choice. He ended up liking it much more than he thought he would. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler = very funny movie. Romany Malco was also in the movie (and has the lines from which the movie gets it’s title). M. and I have enjoyed Romany’s acting since seeing him in The 40 Year Old Virgin. We didn’t know Romany was in the movie, so that was a nice surprise. If you enjoy comedy movies and don’t get hung up on un-PC comments made in the movie, go see this one!

When we got home Clyde had decided to leave a nice present in the middle of the living room – a hairball. Since it was my birthday that present was for M. Then it was present time for me. M. got me a new set of knives – he almost got me a new mixer, but fortunately he is a devoted Snark Chronicle reader and found out that a mixer wouldn’t really help me out all that much. M. even consulted with his mom to make sure he got some good knives (OXO Good-Grips). I’ve not had a chance to use them yet, but they sure do look nice on my counter! I also have a pair of kitchen shears coming for the slot in the front and another knife to fill out all the slots. (M. ordered in plenty of time, but these two pieces were shipped by the ultra slow USPS.)

M.’s mom got me a Xyron adhesive runner. This will come in very handy so I’m not gluing my fingers together or getting glue all over my craft table when working on traditional paperart crafts. My parents sent me some cash.

After all the birthday fun I made a flan to take to M.’s parents on Sunday for Mother’s Day. I even got the caramelized topping to work out this time! I am becoming a flan expert!

About 5am Sunday morning I woke up with very itchy eyes, so after about half an hour of trying to sleep I decided to take some Benadryl. Ended up sleeping most of Sunday except for the brief trip to M.’s parents where everyone loved my flan, and then I stay up for the Survivor finale.

So I guess that brings us up to today…

Monday Morning Snark: This won’t be much of a snark for those who enjoy coming here mainly for the snarkiness. The only thing I have to snark about at this moment is a coworker’s new tops. Last week we were dazzled (fancy word for blinded) by some big floral concoction and today it’s zebra-like swirly stripes. This particular coworker must have been told by someone that her old wardrobe was too blah, so now we are subjected to loud patterns and bright colors. I personally preferred the blah…


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