Some Snark and Recent Reads

I’m not feeling the snark lately, but some things have happened today that set off a slight reading on my snark meter. For instance:

  • It’s Wednesday. Wednesdays mean meetings day at the good ‘ole office. Meetings mean at least one good eye roll and several snarky moments. Today featured such memorable moments as bossman and another ‘higher up’ having a slightly argumentative discussion in front of the entire staff because this particular ‘higher up’ enjoys talking over bossman much to his irritation (and the irritation of those having to watch the spectacle). Also, I noticed my name was down on one of the meeting agendas to help out with a large task – but guess what? I had not been informed of my promised help. I love it when I am volunteered without my knowledge!
  • It’s Wednesday and because it’s Wednesday and meeting day at the good ‘ole office, that means not only do I get to spend at least an hour and a half sitting in meetings, I also get to type up all the minutes from the meetings! Yay! My question is this: why do I have to type up the darn minutes when a particular ‘higher up’ takes her own notes and mushes up my notes anyway?
  • Why do people insist on sitting by me at lunch when the whole eatery is empty save for me and my book? Not only do they sit right near me, they talk loudly to the talk 5 feet away from them. I know I put off the super duper vibes, but please peoples – can’t you see I am reading?!
  • Can we please stop asking me to do things, then when I get them done, decide it should have been done a different way? So sorry I get things done on time and you didn’t have time to rethink what you wanted done!

Okay, that’s the snark for today thus far. I know, not terribly snarky, but it’s the best I can do for now. I am quickly getting through my current book bag. I just finished up The Abstinence Teacher. Can’t say I found a point to this book. It was an easy read, but when I got to the end today (despite the noisy neighbors at the local eatery), my only thought was, “And?” The main characters were 1) Tim the ex-drunk and addict, a born-again Christian, and 2) Ruth the sex ed teacher at a junior high who is being forced to teacher her students abstinence despite the fact she doesn’t believe in the concept. Well, Tim is Ruth’s daughter’s soccer coach, so of course they have some run ins. Ruth gets particularly snarky when Tim decides to lead his soccer team in a group prayer after a game. But Tim and Ruth have a mutual attraction for one another. Throughout the course of the book Tim is doubting whether he can keep up the whole ‘I live for Jesus’ mentality while Ruth bemoans she has no man and the best prospect seems to be Tim who is married (albeit not happily) and who has religious beliefs she doesn’t agree with. At the end of the book Tim is staying at Ruth’s house on the couch because he can’t decide what to do with his life and he can’t go home to his wife and that’s about it. It just ends.

So did Tim decide to stay on the Christian path? Did he sleep with Ruth? Did Ruth ever find any satisfaction in her employment or love life? Who knows. This was totally not my kind of book, but I picked it up because it was on some recommended reading list or had a high rating on, or something. I don’t remember. But I would not recommend this book if you don’t like at least a point to reading 350 pages… On to something I am a little more familiar with – Blaze by Richard Bachman (better known as Stephen King for those of you who didn’t know).


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