Oh by the way Ms. CS…

I have a birthday coming up. I’m not one to bemoan getting a year older, especially since I still feel the same as I did when I first married M., which was now almost 9 years ago. But at the office this means you get together with coworkers for some lunchtime fun and get cards and stuff like that.

Well, coworker CS came down to my office today and she hands me a card. The card’s in an envelope and CS has made a note on the front reading, “DON’T OPEN UNTIL B-day” (that’s her capitalization). My birthday is Saturday which means I must hold onto this card until then unopened – if I follow CS’s directions, that is.

Hey CS, did you know that my sister, brother, and I did expert pre-Christmas snooping because we just had to know what we were getting even though it ruined the surprise? When my mom caught on and started wrapping the presents before hiding them, we delicately removed the tape, took a peek, and then re-taped them. That’s how much we had to know what was in those packages! So, do you really think your envelope glue is going to hold up against that?


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