Just some morning thoughts…

It’s primary election day here. M. and I voted early at one of the local libraries, so all taken care of. This is the first time I’ve made any kind of vote in a presidential election – much to M.’s chagrin. The only time I have made any kind of vote previously had been in a school-based issue.

I ended up stopping by AB and KE’s office today. Seem to get stuck there a lot (and not to do work). We talked about the election and who we voted for. Normally I stay pretty quite when political discussions come up because 1) I am not politically minded, 2) I typically don’t vote, and 3) my parents never talked about voting and politics, so I’m just following what I was taught. But with certain people in this office you can basically discuss most anything and it’s okay – mostly the people I’ve shared this blog with (even though the original intent was no real life person would know about it).

So I told who I voted for and mentioned that I had never voted previously. There was a slight incredulity about my never having voted, but no outrage as I would get elsewhere. I couldn’t imagine bossman’s reaction to my not voting… but this led to an even less talked about subject for me – religion.

If I have to name one thing M. probably deep down detests about me it is my religious views, or lack there of. I’ve briefly mentioned my views on this blog before. Even the particular post did not get any comments, for me, it was one of my most revealing because this is something I never talk about. Like not mentioning my previous non-voter status, being non-religious can also spark some very heated reactions of the kind I would rather avoid.

Of course, AB and KE did not give me any snark about my views, they were accepting and for that I am grateful. It’s good to be somewhere where you know you can talk to people and even if you have opposing views, the discussion can be orderly and productive rather than rage infested.

This post really doesn’t have much of a focused point. My stop in at KE and AB’s office just got me thinking about things, and even talking about them a bit today. During the brief religion discussion KE said something to the effect that our beliefs are our own and as long as we live our lives as good people, then that is what matters. Made me think about my life – do I see myself as a good person? Sure, I make lots of quips about how great am I, but is that how I really feel? Overall, I see my life divided into two parts: pre-M. and the now. During one part I was okay, but had a rebellious streak, in the other part I do basically see myself as a good person. Now which do you think is which?

Just some introspection for a Tuesday morning. Thanks for joining me.


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