My Halcyon Place

I really, really, really do not want to work today. I have been struggling with JDWW Syndrome all week (Just Don’t Wanna Work), but today is the climax of every other day this week and I feel like just sitting here and staring blankly at my screen doing absolutely nothing. But since I can’t do that I am writing this blog post instead which gives at least the appearance of working.

Prior to writing the post I did a number of other non-work related items to avoid actual work for today: renewed my driver’s license (which gave me an excuse to get out of the office for about 20 minutes), checked my email, caught up on blogs I read, and scrolled through the ticker thingy at the top of my Gmail.

While scrolling through the ticker I saw that today’s ‘ Word of the Day ‘ is halcyon. I’ve never seen or heard of this word before, but it is oddly fitting for today. I need my halcyon place today to escape from work.

In case you, too, are clueless about the meaning of the word halcyon, it means, ‘peaceful, undisturbed, happy.’ So halcyon place = happy place. I don’t know where that is today, but it’s not here in my office…


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