Online Forums

One of my favorite scrapping blogs has expanded their site to include more areas than just the blog and with that comes a forum. They used to post challenges on the blog, which I have in my Google reader for easy follow-along. Where have they moved the challenge postings? Into the forum.

As you probably do when reading many of my posts, you’re thinking, “So what?” Well, mostly I really hate online forums. Most of them make me very snarky. There are several reasons (not all pertaining to the particular forum mentioned above):

  • Many forum-owner, runners, whatever they are called, do not know how to adequately organize their forums or set them up right, whatever. I hate having to search around a forum for the info I want or need because the organization sucks. I also hate scrolling through 10 pages to find the most recent post, or the intent of the entire thread.
  • Often times the thread headings/titles are misleading and I spend time scrolling through a thread that sounded helpful from the title, but in reality, has nothing to do with what I was originally looking for.
  • Insane avatars and “blinkies” – good lord! Some people have the most annoying and distracting avatars on these forums. I can’t read through the threads because it takes an hour for the page to load because of the insane avatars. Also affecting page loads (especially on craft/scrapping forums) are these things called “blinkies.” They are flashy graphics that scroll store names, “fan of,” and other messages. Some have the intent to give people seizures, I think.
  • People who have signatures that go on for a paragraph snark me off! Sure, a nice short quote is lovely in a signature. But do we need to have five graphics, a poem, all the members of our household, plus our name (in flashing, glittery graphics) in the signature line? Seriously, often times these people’s actual post message are shorter than their signatures.
  • Speaking of messages, one of the most annoying aspects of online forums, at least to me, are the no-purpose messages. Do we really need to dedicate an entire post in a thread to say “ok,” “yes,” “no,” “I agree?” I have to scroll through about 50 of these little quips just to get to a post of substance. Grrrr!

So there you have it – online forums are not my friends!


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