Blah Morning

Well, I did not win the standing mixer from Pioneer Woman, but oh well. I got to thinking yesterday, I barely use my hand mixer (not much of a baker) so do I really need to use up counter space on a standing mixer? If it was free, sure, otherwise, probably not. What I do need is a really good set of knives…

More drama with my car: I finally got a call from Sherry at the service center yesterday at about the time I am supposed to head home for the day. Apparently, one of the parts they put in on one of my cars previous visits was “bad.” They are now going to replace that part. When Sherry called, she asked if that was okay? I told her fine, but I needed my car that night to get home. Well, they had the thing all tore apart, so it was not going to be done last night. (What choice did I really have then?) So today I am driving a “loaner” PT Cruiser. The car itself is okay, but someone with children obviously had it before me and the service center did not clean it before I took it out. There are toys on the floor and stains on the seats – it’s kind of yucky. I also thought as pay back to the service center I was going to use as much of their gas as possible while I have this loaner. But guess what, I am supposed to return the thing with as much gas as it had when I took it, so there goes that idea. I’m actually going to have put some gas in the thing. (It had less than a quarter of a tank when I took it and now the gas light is on – I do not have good luck with car lights…)

Plus I was not all that inspired to do the Sunshine Studio Scraps challenge last night, but I did it and already had a comment on my layout this morning, so that put a little light in this blah morning. Let’s see how the rest of the day goes.


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