Little Snark, Lots of ‘Net Perusing

I have been busy at work today, but found a little downtime to look at some links from Mental Floss and to type up this post, which I am sure has been much anticipated by my faithful readers.

I found some interesting things through this morning’s dose of links. Here are some my readers might be interested in:

  • Bugs can be snarky too, especially when you look at electron photographs of them. I personally think the Spiny Assassin Bug is the snarkiest. Do you think he’s an assassin because he’s snarky?
  • This was quite amusing: 15 Pet Products We Can’t Believe Exist from #6 kind of got to me – that dog looks like the crystal encrusted dress it is wearing makes it snarky. It would make me snarky. #4 is also quite funny – be a slut wearing your itty bitty doggie, or try slapping a great dane on your front side.
  • Radar Magazine brings us some letters written by Billy Geerhart (a 30-something posing as a 10 year old) to various famous and infamous characters – including several serial killers. Anyone else think it is odd that the Night Stalker starts his letters just like bossman?! Anyone else at work think his signature looks a little like bossman’s too? Weird! Also, I sure am glad I don’t have to type Mr. Charles Manson’s letters! (people who work with me will appreciate these little snarkies about the letters more than other readers…)
  • And for more interesting insect fun, check out how one artist is helping arachnids beautify their homes, even if they don’t appreciate it!

I will now let you get back to whatever you might have been doing and I will get on with my typing up of letters and such.


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